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Alden Bates' Home Page

Hi! This is me web page. Look around and stuff.

Most of this site is taken over with the red weedDoctor Who, particularly as it relates to New Zealand wherein I live. There's also some software and a music database and some other stuff, but that's unimportant right now.


Doctor Who
Including The NZDWFC, Mel Bush, Web Guide to Doctor Who, The DiscContinuity Guide, and lots more.

Tetrap Software
Free software! Mainly for Windows... Includes the Yikes text editor

The music I listen to - including Mike Oldfield, Delerium, Stone Age, etc.

And in this main part:
Random Silliness - Items of interest and non-interest not covered elsewhere in this site

Alden's Stuff: Downloads - Links - Convention pics - WebCam
LiveJournal User and Mood Icons

Proudly New Zealand made
Recent Updates
DiscCon Guide
- Added entries for seven fourth Doctor audios.
DiscCon Guide
- Added entries for Night of the Stormcrow, 1001 Nights, Voyage to Venus, and Voyage to the New World.
DiscCon Guide
- Updated entries for Love and War, UNIT Dominion, and Dark Eyes.
DiscCon Guide
- Updated entries for The Burning Prince, The Acheron Pulse, and The Shadow Heart.
Recent Weblog Entries
22 Nov 2014 04:45 PM - Doctor Who Series 8
09 Oct 2014 05:56 PM - The future of PagedArchives
16 Aug 2014 04:54 PM - It's almost election time again

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