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He's What?

The following are Drabbles and as such comprise 100 words each.

He's What?

The Doctor crept quietly through the corridors of Walker General Hospital, eluding the slightly demented security guard who'd been following him. The room he was after was just ahead.

He paused, listening to voices inside, then gently opened the door, reached his hand in and snatched something from the shelf. His prize, the urine sample taken from him when he'd been admitted for gunshot wounds, slipped into his pocket.

As he broken into a run, the door behind him burst open and two orderlies burst out. The security guard reappeared ahead.

"Stop him!" the orderly shouted. "He's taking the piss!"

He's What? 2

The Doctor poked his head up between the animatronic creatures and checked that the security guard had gone. It fitted the Master's sense of irony, he reflected, that the anti-matter warhead was hidden in the "Happiest place on Earth".

He opened the hatch in the back of a robotic mouse and inspected the warhead. No good - he was going to have to take it elsewhere to defuse it. At least there were no motion triggers. He picked up the rodent and dashed for the nearest exit.

"Stop him!" shouted the security guard. "He's taking the Mickey!"

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