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The Companions

Profiles constructed by Jeff Stone


Grand-daughter of the Doctor. Elfin, weak-ankled, skilled in hand-jiving, fond of jangly guitar music. Possesses limited telepathic abilities. Was fobbed off on an unattractive dullard she barely knew by a grandfather who was clearly sick of the sight of her. Developed a passion for frizz perms and trench coats while living in 22nd Century Earth.

Barbara Wright

Schoolteacher, well-versed in history. Intelligent, brave, noble, with a strong sense of moral justice. Blatantly in love with Ian Chesterton. Likes dress-making, yet seems to think chunky turtle-neck sweaters are the in thing. Looks fantastic as an Aztec goddess. Possibly related to a character in 'Meglos'. Carries a set of easily unravelled cardigans that perform a myriad of useful functions.

Ian Chesterton

Science teacher. Friendly, straight-up kinda guy. Has a surname the Doctor finds almost impossible to remember. Not above making light of dangerous situations. Resembles Sir Lancelot. Conceals his deep love for Barbara with immense skill. Shares Susan's penchant for hand-jiving.


Orphan from the future, who forms a deep and charming bond with the Doctor. No discernible personality. Subscribes to Barbara's turtle-neck sweater lovers' magazine. Like the Doctor, greets most situations with either childish glee or squint-eyed suspicion. Forms sister-brother relationship with Steven.


Astronaut, marooned on the planet Mechanus until his rescue by the Doctor and company. Looks good in a beard, yet prefers not to wear one. High sense of morality, which is often tested by the Doctor's actions. Brave to a fault, if not especially wise with it. Likes stuffed toys. Is mystified by the function of Viking helmets. Twin of a camera-carrying hick from 1960s America.


Handmaiden of a Greek temple. Believed the Doctor to be a god. Committed suicide to save friends she hardly knew.

Sara Kingdom

Not a companion. OK? Has it sunk in yet?

Dorothea 'Dodo' Chaplet

Cheeky chirpy Cockney girl who suddenly underwent a change of accent for no apparent reason. Laughs at things that aren't especially funny. Good at singing really terrible Western ballads, and manages to carry off wearing hideous 60s fashions with aplomb. Left the Doctor's company without even saying goodbye the moment she was back in her own time.

Polly Wright

Attractive blonde secretary from 1966 Earth. Initially smart and sardonic, only to swiftly become a helpless flapper. Displays fearsome caffeinated beverage-making skills. Shows an almost Susan-like devotion to both incarnations of the Doctor she travels with. Has a keen sense of when Macra are in control. Apparently not miffed that Ben and Jamie show next to no interest in her as re: 'going out'. Screams a lot. Is not a member of the Lopez family.

Able Seaman Ben Jackson

Naval rating who jumped ship to travel with the Doctor and Polly. Another Cockney, albeit one not afraid to stay with the one accent. Dependable in a fight, although prone to attacks of wet-pants terror. Briefly suspicious of the Second Doctor. Lived near a brewery as a child, and by his own account can get drunk on extremely weak beer fumes. Mistakenly believes Polly to be a member of the lesser nobility.

Jamie MacCrimmon

Stalwart Scots warrior from the 18th Century. Cannot swim. Sensitive to charges of transvestism. Unshakeably loyal to the Doctor, though sometimes mystified and disgusted by his motives. Clearly enjoys travelling through time and space with sexy brunettes. Terrified of spectral bagpipe players. Shows an interest in spanking Zoe.

Victoria Waterfield

Daughter of a brilliant 19th Century scientist. Shy, easily frightened, lethal to intelligent seaweed. Feeds birds despite strict injunctions not to do so. Looks stunning in a mini-skirt. Intersperses screaming with occasional bouts of speech. Likes Kaiser pudding. Ignorant of knob functions. Has a mild crush on Jamie.

Zoe Herriot

Highly intelligent 21st Century space station crewmember. Possesses photographic memory that often runs out of film. Drawn to semi-pornographic clothing. Makes Captain Kirk look like an amateur in the field of talking computers to death. Flashes knickers often. Moonlights as ABM shield during Cybermen invasion of Earth.

Elizabeth Shaw

Cambridge scientist, seconded to UNIT. Can walk, chew gum and compose logarithm tables at the same time. Not averse to dressing like a considerably less anorexic Twiggy. Does not suffer fools gladly. Left the Doctor's company after becoming sick of having to explain everything to him. Drives without a license.

Josephine Grant

Pulled strings to get appointed to UNIT. Has no job skills other than escapology and looking cute. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Treated with some respect by the Master. Is scared of Drashigs and certain types of illusory spaceship. Ran off with eccentric stereotype Welshman. Conscientious at returning mind-altering alien crystals essential to future events.

Sarah-Jane Smith

Reporter for London newspaper. Independent, good-natured, smart. Fond of overlarge hats. Has a nice smile and laugh. Screams only when anyone would. Was given a hand out of the Doctor's life by silicon-based alien. Not allowed to visit Gallifrey. Was given a K9 for services rendered.

Additional Information

Harry Sullivan - Chang Lee
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