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The First Doctor

Main Cast:
The Doctor - William Hartnell
Susan - Carole Ann Ford (A-K)
Ian - William Russell (A-R)
Barbara - Jacqueline Hill (A-R)
Vicki - Maureen O'Brien (L-U)
Steven - Peter Perves (R-AA)
Dodo - Jackie Lane (W-BB)
Ben - Michael Craze (BB-DD)
Polly - Anneke Wills (BB-DD)
Code Title Episodes
A An Unearthly Child 4

Two suspicious school teachers follow a pupil home to find she lives in a police box in a junk yard with her grandfather. Within the police box they find it is a technological wonder - a time machine which whisks them back to the dawn of mankind.

B The Daleks 7

The TARDIS lands on the ravaged world of Skaro, where the Doctor and his companions encounter a sinister race of creatures which live in metal shells.

C The Edge of Destruction 2

The TARDIS halts mysteriously in space, have Ian and Barbara sabotaged the Doctor's time machine, or have he and granddaughter turned against the two school teachers?

D Marco Polo 7

The TARDIS crew encounter Marco Polo, on his way to Kublai Khan's court. As the TARDIS needs repairs, they tag along with him, and all goes well until the Doctor loses his time machine via gambling. Twit.

E The Keys of Marinus 6

The Doctor and his companions are asked by the keeper of the Conscience of Marinus to locate the keys for the device. The keys are scattered across the world, and the TARDIS crew must face many dangers to retrieve them.

F The Aztecs 4

With the TARDIS locked in a tomb, Susan in danger of having her eyes put out, and Barbara mistaken for a god, the Doctor and his companions must work against time to return to their time machine.

G The Sensorites 6

The TARDIS lands on a spaceship, the Doctor and his companions find the human crew apparently dead. Why are the Sensorites keeping the humans prisoner, and what is the secret behind the plague ravaging the Sense Sphere?

H The Reign of Terror 6

Happily for the Doctor, the TARDIS lands during the French Revolution. Not so happily for France, however.

J Planet of Giants 3

AKA "Honey, I shrunk the TARDIS". The Doctor shrinks everyone to an inch in height, and they mess around with poison and the suchlike for the next three episodes.

K The Dalek Invasion of Earth 6

The Doctor and co arrive in 22nd century London to find that the Daleks have invaded Earth. Cause that's the title, y'see. What are the Daleks up to in Bedfordshire? The Doctor is determined to find out.

L The Rescue 2

The TARDIS lands on Dido. After the Doctor apologises to the singer, the TARDIS lands on the planet Dido, where two survivors wait in their crashed ship for rescue. They are menaced, however, by Koquillion who warns them that the Didonians are likely to attack.

M The Romans 4

In attempt to prove that all roads lead to Rome, the Doctor and his companions split up and all arrive at Rome in time to see it burn down.

N The Web Planet 6

Trapped on a world where everyone's a giant bug, the time travellers have to combat the Zarbi and their ruthless but blob-like master, the Animus.

P The Crusade 4

Arriving in England during the Crusades, Barbara is kidnapped by Saracen who think she's King Richard's sister. Ian must embark on a crusade to get her back. And her front and the rest of her as well.

Q The Space Museum 4

The TARDIS slips a dimension, allowing the Doctor and his companions to witness their own fates as museum exhibits. Can they escape their destiny, or will they be condemned to perpetual motionlessness?

R The Chase 6

In a stroke of genius, the Daleks send a squad in a time machine after the Doctor. Despite picking the most decrepit of the Doctor's incarnations, the Daleks they send mess things up at every turn.

S The Time Meddler 4

Cruising back to 1066, the Doctor, Vicki and Steven discover that someone is planning to nuke the Viking fleet before they can invade. As this would be Bad, they set about preventing it.

T Galaxy Four 4

The TARDIS lands on a doomed world, but who should the crew help? The beautiful Drahvin or the hideous Rill? Toss a coin already.

T/A Mission to the Unknown 1

On the jungle world of Kembel, Marc Cory discovers the Daleks are hatching a Master Plan, however the TARDIS completely fails to turn up.

U The Mythmakers 8

In which the Doctor suggests a Trojan Horse would, in fact, be a good way for the Greeks to sneak into Troy. His earlier catapult idea might have worked had they used rocks.

V The Daleks' Masterplan 12

The Daleks have a plan. It involves building a superweapon and then zapping everyone with it. It pays to keep it simple, I guess. The problem is the Doctor nicks the vital component and makes off with it.

W The Massacre 4

The Doctor and Steven are separated in France... Steven finds the Doctor, or at least thinks he does - why is the Doctor pretending to be an Abbot? (Doesn't Steven know they get more chicks?)

X The Ark 4

With new companion Dodo, the TARDIS lands on an Ark in Space, carrying the remains of the human race to the distant planet of Refusis. The newbie, of course, gives everyone a cold.

Y The Celestial Toymaker 4

Trapped in a surreal realm, the Doctor and his companions must play games against animated toys for the amusement of the Celestial Toymaker.

Z The Gunfighters 4

With the Doctor in need of a dentist, the TARDIS lands in the old west. In Tombstone, in point of fact, just in time for a gunfight.

AA The Savages 4

The Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive on a world where the local elite use a machine to leech the life force from the savages who live in the wilderness.

BB The War Machines 4

The TARDIS lands, for once, in present day Earth. The top of the recently completed Post Office tower houses a super-computer which wants to take over the world. Get in line, bud.

CC The Smugglers 4

It's a search for buried treasure, ar!

DD The Tenth Planet 4

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Ben and Polly to the South Pole, where an Antarctic base is overseeing a space mission. But when a mirror-image of Earth appears in the sky, and the Cybermen invade, the Doctor finds he needs a wee bit of a lie down.

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