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The Second Doctor

Main Cast:
The Doctor - Patrick Troughton
Ben - Michael Craze (EE-KK)
Polly - Anneke Wills (EE-KK)
Jamie - Frazer Hines (FF-ZZ)
Victoria - Deborah Watling (LL-RR)
Zoe - Wendy Padbury (SS-ZZ)
Code Title Episodes
EE The Power of the Daleks 6

The TARDIS lands on Vulcan, where there oddly are no Vulcans. A scientist at the outpost there has uncovered a Dalek spaceship, and reactivates three of them thinking they might be useful (for unclogging drains and beating eggs, presumably) and the expected happens.

FF The Highlanders 4

The TARDIS lands in bonny old Scotland, where the English are making a nuisance of themselves. The Doctor's too busy wearing drag to comment.

GG The Underwater Menace 4

Landing on an apparently deserted island, the TARDIS crew soon discover they're not alone, as people from Atlantis kidnap them and show them the fish people. Scary.

HH The Moonbase 4

The Doctor and his companions find a moonbase on the moon (of all places...) however coincidentally they've arrive just as the Cybermen have begun an operation to take control of the gravitron housed there, so that they can destroy Earth.

JJ The Macra Terror 4

The TARDIS lands at an Earth colony which seems to be calm and peaceful. But what lurks behind the scenes? Could it be... the Macra?!

KK The Faceless Ones 6

The TARDIS lands at an airport... but who's kidnapping people and replacing them with pod people? Who knows? Tell me!

LL The Evil of the Daleks 6

With the TARDIS stolen, the Doctor and Jamie go on a search which leads them to 1866 and the Daleks. Why are the Daleks so keen to get their hands, er, suckers on the Human Factor?

MM The Tomb of the Cybermen 4

A group of archaeologists arrive on Telos to excavate the tomb of the Cybermen and, wouldn't you know it, they wake up. Probably just as well or this story would be incredibly boring.

NN The Abominable Snowmen 6

The Doctor travels to Tibet to return a bell he borrowed for safekeeping, only to find the Det Sen monastery under siege by Yeti. Big, hairy ones.

OO The Ice Warriors 6

It's the year 3000, the Earth is threatened by an ice age, and the only thing holding it back is a powerful ioniser device. So when unknown alien technology is found in the glacier they're trying to zap, everyone gets a wee bit worried.

PP The Enemy of the World 6

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria want to enjoy a holiday, but the fact that the Doctor bears an amazing resemblance to a political figure puts a bit of a dampener on things.

QQ The Web of Fear 6

London deserted! A strange web everywhere! Yeti roaming the Underground! Exclamation marks in this plot outline! It must be time to call in the Doctor!

RR Fury from the Deep 6

When Seaweed Attacks. The Doctor discovers a sentient form of sea weed, which starts attacking an oil station.

SS The Wheel in Space 6

With the Doctor unconscious and the TARDIS in danger of being destroyed, Jamie has no choice but to sabotage the Wheel in Spaaaaaace. However this leaves the way open for the Cybermen to invade.

TT The Dominators 5

On Dulkis, all war is banned. That's why when the Dominators and their pet robots, the Quarks, show up spoiling for a fight, no one resists. Fortunately the Doctor and his companions are around.

UU The Mind Robber 5

In an effort to escape the destruction of the island on Dulkis, the Doctor takes the TARDIS out of time and space and into the world of make-believe. Really.

VV The Invasion 8

UNIT's investigating a company leading in the manufacture of electronic devices. What connection does International Electromatics have with the Cybermen, other than the CEO being in league with them in a plan to try to take over the world?

WW The Krotons 4

The TARDIS lands on the world of the Gonds. The Gonds live to serve the Krotons, who never step foot outside their metal fortress. When Zoe completes a test and is called on to serve the Krotons, the Doctor has no choice but to do the test himself...

XX The Seeds of Death 6

The Doctor and Sarah are called in when an alien pod is found at... oh, wait, Mars Probe Seven returns from... no... The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe assist when the moonbase control centre of the T'Mat system, which Earth depends on for transport, is taken over by Ice Warriors.

YY The Space Pirates 6

So there are these space pirates, see, who are stealing stuff, and they happen to steal the TARDIS, which means, er, the Doctor has to get it back.

ZZ The War Games 10

War! Huh! What is it good for? Taking over the Universe.
The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe stumble upon a plan by some aliens who've kidnapped humans and are trying to build an ultimate fighting force.

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