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The Third Doctor

Main Cast:
The Doctor - Jon Pertwee
Liz - Caroline John (AAA-DDD)
Jo - Katy Manning (EEE-TTT)
Sarah - Lis Sladen (UUU-ZZZ)
Code Title Episodes
AAA Spearhead from Space 4

The newly-regenerated Doctor is exiled to Earth in the middle of an invasion of store mannequins. He teams up with UNIT, for lack of anything better to do.

BBB Doctor Who and the Silurians 7

A nuclear test facility awakens a race of lizard men from prehistoric times. The lizard men are not impressed with the ape-descended creatures which have taken over Earth, and call in the exterminators (no, not the Daleks).

CCC The Ambassadors of Death 7

A manned probe returns from Mars, but someone kidnaps the astronaughts before UNIT gets there. Then it turns out the probe wasn't manned - it was Martianed.

DDD Inferno 7

A plan to drill to the centre of the Earth invites disaster when it turns out drilling to the centre of the Earth is, in fact, bad and will make the planet explode. Who could have guessed?

EEE Terror of the Autons 4

The Nestene Consciousness (Does it have an unconsciousness?) decides to invade Earth again, but can the Doctor's arch-enemy, The Master, be involved?

FFF The Mind of Evil 6

A new device for removing the evil impulses from prisoners' brains runs amok. Meanwhile, there's a plot to steal the missile UNIT are transporting. Can the Doctor's arch-enemy, the Master, be involved?

GGG The Claws of Axos 4

Aliens arrive on Earth offering a substance which will solve everyone's problems. We probably shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but beware of Greeks bearing gifts, and could the Doctor's arch-enemy, the Master, be involved?

HHH Colony in Space 6

The Time Lords send the Doctor and Jo to a world in the medium-distant future (as opposed to the far future or the near future, you see) where there's a dispute between colonists and miners who both want the planet. Can the Doctor's arch-enemy, the Master, be involved?

JJJ The Daemons 5

The vicar of a small town, aided by a BBC documentary crew, is attempting to raise an ancient evil which could spell doom for Earth. Might the Doctor's arch-enemy, the Master, be involved?

KKK Day of the Daleks 4

Some confused Daleks invade Earth again around the same time the earlier bunch did, but end up giving humans time technology (always a bad thing) and the humans promptly cause a time paradox.

MMM The Curse of Peladon 4

The Doctor manages to get the TARDIS off Earth and takes Jo on a trip to Peladon, a primitive world vying for entry into the federation. But, of course, someone isn't happy and tries to slaughter all the delegates.

LLL The Sea Devils 6

While relaxing at his island prison, the Master gets bored and starts thinking about world domination again. This leads him to call up the Sea Devils, who live, oddly enough, in the sea.

NNN The Mutants 6

The Time Lords send the Doctor on a mission to the future to deliver a message to someone. The catch is the Doctor doesn't know who the message is for or what it is. Those Time Lords - always kidding around.

OOO The Time Monster 6

A group of scientists is trying to create a device to teleport objects. Meanwhile, the Doctor has a bad dream involving the Master, a crystal, and Atlantis. What can it all mean, and is the Doctor's arch-enemy the Meddling Monk involved? (Well, no...)

RRR The Three Doctors 4

Gallifrey is in deadly peril, and strange blob-like creatures are hunting the Doctor! In desperation, the Time Lords send Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell to help.

PPP Carnival of Monsters 4

The TARDIS lands on a boat in the Indian ocean. But why is everyone acting oddly? Why is there a plesiosaur in the ocean? And why is this plot outline nothing but a collection of questions?

QQQ Frontier in Space 6

In the distant future, the Earth and Draconian empires exist in an uneasy state of truce. The Doctor and Jo discover that someone is trying to push the two into war. Perhaps it's that Master fellow.

SSS Planet of the Daleks 6

The Doctor trails the Daleks to Spiridon, where it turns out they are trying to perfect invisibility. Can he stop them? Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

TTT The Green Death 6

UNIT investigates the appearance of giant maggots in Wales. It turns out they were mutated by the slime pumped out by the nearby chemical factory. The chemical factory is, of course, run by a super-computer which wants to take over the world.

UUU The Time Warrior 4

Someone keeps kidnapping scientists, but who?! That's right, it's a time-travelling Sontaran warrior from the middle ages. Linx. It's not just a deodorant any more!

WWW Invasion of the Dinosaurs 6

London gets invaded. By dinosaurs. Well, what were you expecting with that title? Daleks?

XXX Death to the Daleks 4

The TARDIS loses power on the quarry-world of Exxilon, where the natives guard a super city. Also stranded are a bunch of humans, and a squad of Daleks.

YYY The Monster of Peladon 6

The Doctor returns to Peladon with Sarah, only to find that there are yet more mysterious goings on - apparitions of Aggedor are killing people, and so on.

ZZZ Planet of the Spiders 6

Monks at a monastery summon giant spiders from across time and space, and they're pissed. They want back a blue crystal the Doctor took from their world, and they're not going to stop until they get it!

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