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The Fourth Doctor

Main Cast:
The Doctor - Tom Baker
Sarah - Lis Sladen (4A-4N)
Harry - Ian Marter (4A-4F)
Leela - Louise Jameson (4Q-4Z)
K9 - John Leeson/David Brierly (4T-5S)
Romana - Mary Tamm/Lalla Ward (5A-5S)
Adric - Matthew Waterhouse (5R-5V)
Nyssa - Sarah Sutton (5T-5V)
Tegan - Janet Fielding (5V)
Code Title Episodes
4A Robot 4

The newly-regenerated Doctor, now all teeth and curls, attempts to escape the Brigadier in the TARDIS, but the Brigadier lures him back with a bag of jelly babies, and he helps UNIT investigate the theft of some doomsday control codes. Oh, and there's a robot too.

4C The Ark in Space 4

The TARDIS lands aboard a huge space station carrying the remnants of humanity. As is normal for such hibernations, their alarm didn't go off (I know *that* problem) and the Wirrrrrrrrrrn invaded while they were asleep.

4B The Sontaran Experiment 2

Meanwhile, on Earth, a Sontaran is conducting experiments on hapless humans. The Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive in time to take part.

4E Genesis of the Daleks 6

The Time Lords kidnap the Doctor, Sarah and Harry and drop them on Skaro at the time of the creation of the Daleks, asking him to interfere with the process. Then later they have the gall to accuse the Doctor of interfering with other races.

4D Revenge of the Cybermen 4

The time rings given to the Doctor and his companions return them to Nerva, but in the wrong time period. Nerva beacon is under attack by the Cybermen, cause they want to use it as a base from which to blow up Voga, famed planet of gold.

4F Terror of the Zygons 4

The UNIT distress beacon brings the TARDIS to Scotland, but this time it's the Brigadier who's in drag. Nessie's been destroying oil rigs again, and aliens are impersonating the locals.

4H Planet of Evil 4

On a distant world, a team of scientists has been wiped out, and the rescue craft is under siege by hostile life forms. Can the Doctor and Sarah help? Probably...

4G Pyramids of Mars 4

The Doctor and Sarah arrive at an Egyptologist's home to find mummies are stalking the grounds. One of the gods is about to slip his millennial-old bonds, and when he does, the Earth is doooooooooomed, doomed I say!

4J The Android Invasion 4

The Doctor and Sarah arrive on Earth, to find odd things are going on. Why does a dead man later appear wandering around, why is everyone acting oddly, and will the Doctor manage to get himself drunk on ginger pop?

4K The Brain of Morbius 4

The TARDIS is sucked down to the planet of Karn, where a sisterhood worships a flame and a mad scientist and his assistant are playing Frankenstein. Normal day at the office then?

4L The Seeds of Doom 6

The Doctor and Sarah intrepidly investigate the discovering of an alien pod in Antarctica. The pod hatches, infecting a man and slowly turning him into a Krynoid - unless something is done, the Krynoid will go to seed and spread its spore across the world. Crikey.

4M Masque of Mandragora 4

The Doctor accidentally brings a malevolent energy being to Renaissance Italy. Naughty naughty.

4N The Hand of Fear 4

The TARDIS lands in a quarry (yes, a real one) and Sarah is injured in a explosion. She has, however, found a fossilised hand which seems oddly alive.... Argh, look out, it's behind you!

4P The Deadly Assassin 4

On his way back to Gallifrey, the Doctor has a vision of the President being assassinated. He attempts to stop the act, but only succeeds in getting framed for the murder. Doh!

4Q The Face of Evil 4

The Doctor arrives on a primitive world, only to find the local god has modelled itself using his likeness. Unfortunately all the copyright infringement lawyers have fled in terror, so the Doctor must combat Xoanon himself.

4R The Robots of Death 4

The robot servants on the Sandminer are slowly killing the crew off, and despite the Doctor pointing it out several times, no one else gets it 'til it's too late.

4S The Talons of Weng Chiang 6

It's late-1800s London, and odd things are going down. Woman are going missing off the street, a half-eaten corpse washes up, the Tong are carrying around corpses at night, and so on. Can Jago and Litefoot solve the mystery?

4V The Horror of Fang Rock 4

Arriving at a lighthouse, the Doctor and Leela discover a monster lurks in the mists shrouding Fang Rock. A green jelly monster.

4T The Invisible Enemy 4

The Doctor is infected by a micro-organism which wants to take over the Universe. Leela takes him to the Bi-Al Foundation for treatment but before long he starts infecting the staff.

4X Image of the Fendahl 4

So there's this skull they dig up, which is actually full of ancient evil and stuff, and it makes these worm things appear and some stuff happens. It's scary!

4W The Sunmakers 4

Landing on Pluto, the Doctor, Leela and K9 discover a colony of humans repressed by the taxation system inflicted on them by the Usarian company which runs the planet. Incidentally, they also put artificial suns in orbit, hence the title, not that it matters much to the plot.

4Y The Underworld 4

The Minyans are on a quest to recover the lost race banks of their people. The search for a positive cash flow has eluded many people, but with the Doctor's help they just might find it.

4Z The Invasion of Time 6

The Doctor makes a pact with the Vardans, travels to Gallifrey, gets himself instated as president, and promptly lets the Vardans invade. Has the Doctor turned to the dark side?

5A The Ribos Operation 4

The White Guardian turns up, requests the Doctor collect up the bits of the Key to Time, and bribes him with Mary Tamm. So off the Doctor goes to Ribos to find the first bit.

5B The Pirate Planet 4

The second segment is on Calufrax, but when the Doctor and Romana get there, they find the planet Zanak instead. Calufrax has fallen victim to... Dun dun daaaaaa! The Pirate Planet!

5C The Stones of Blood 4

The next segment turns out to be located on a planet even more remote than Ribos - Earth, in England. However to find it, the Doctor and Romana have to contend with stone circles which come to life and wander around killing people.

5D The Androids of Tara 4

The search for the Key brings the Doctor and Romana to Tara, a world where androids are commonplace and the villainous Count Grendal is trying to steal the throne...

5E The Power of Kroll 4

On a swamp moon, the primitive Swampies worship Kroll, a giant squid, which later decides it wants a snack and starts eating people. Then Godzilla comes along and... oops, wrong movie.

5F The Armageddon Factor 6

The planets Atrios and Zeos are at war. Unfortunately that's where the last segment of the Key to Time is, disguised cunningly as Lalla Ward.

5J Destiny of the Daleks 4

Romana decides to regenerate, just because. The Randomiser which the Doctor has fitted to the console, randomly takes them to Skaro, just in time to catch the Daleks trying to dig up Davros.

5H City of Death 4

A holiday in Paris is interrupted when the Doctor and Romana discover someone is playing around with time. Is Count Scarlioni trying to (a) find out which came first, the chicken or the professor, (b) turn back time ala Cher, or (c) get eyebrows added to the Mona Lisa?

5G The Creature from the Pit 4

On the aptly-named world of Chloris, metal is scarce and plants are in abundance. The Lady Adrasta rules with the aid of animated tumbleweeds and the threat of being fed to the creature which lurks within the pit.

5K Nightmare of Eden 4

When Spaceships Collide. The forces tearing the two spacecraft apart, also release the dreaded bell-bottomed Mandrels from their captivity. The Doctor and Romana must not only free the ships, but find out who's drug running.

5L The Horns of Nimon 4

The Doctor and Romana join a quest to find and slay the half-man/half-bull at the centre of a maze. No, it's not the Minotaur, it's the Nimon.

5M Shada 6

This episode was never completed due to a BBC strike, so no one knows what happens in it, therefore I can make something up. The Doctor meets with the great rabbit-god Shada, who demands the Time Lord complete a quest involving the retrieving of the Holy Grail of Rassilon. Forced to accept, he guides the TARDIS to the far-off world of Cybertron, where... wait, what do you mean "it's been novelised"?

5N The Leisure Hive 4

The search for a holiday takes the Doctor and Romana to Argolis, where the sterile Argolins are trying to find a way to reproduce via advanced technology. K9 breaks down.

5Q Meglos 4

In order to steal the battery for his superweapon, Meglos first timeloops the Doctor (Thus alerting the Time Lord to the fact someone's on his case) then impersonates him for a while. Why didn't he just try a supermarket?

5R Full Circle 4

Sucked into E-Space, the TARDIS landed where Gallifrey should be, and instead finds Alzarius, a hostile world where a Terradon spacecraft has crashed. K9 breaks down yet again.

5P State of Decay 4

On a dark world in E-space, the Doctor, Romana and Adric encounter the vampire servants of an ancient and powerful vampire. K9 doesn't break down, much.

5S Warriors' Gate 4

The TARDIS becomes lodged in the interface between realities, together with a slave trader. K9 breaks down, and the Doctor leaves him behind with Romana.

5T The Keeper of Traken 4

Called to the peaceful world of Traken by the Keeper of the Source, the Doctor and Adric must find the snake in this paradise, before it DOOMS THEM ALL!!!

5V Logopolis 4

The Doctor plans to get the TARDIS's chameleon circuit fixed, but the Master is back, and he's got his own plans for universal domination.

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