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The Fifth Doctor

Main Cast:
The Doctor - Peter Davison
Adric - Matthew Waterhouse (5Z-6B)
Nyssa - Sarah Sutton (5Z-6G)
Tegan - Janet Fielding (5Z-6P)
Turlough - Mark Strickson (6F-6Q)
Peri - Nicola Bryant (6Q-6R)
Code Title Episodes
5Z Castrovalva 4

With Adric kidnapped by the Master and the Doctor in a weakened state after his regeneration, Nyssa and Tegan travel to Castrovalva, a town devised by M.C.Escher.

5W Four to Doomsday 4

The Doctor's attempt to return Tegan to Heathrow lands them on an alien ship en route to Earth. The Monarch's plans for the planet leave a bit to be desired, so the TARDIS crew take a break from bickering to do battle.

5Y Kinda 4

While Nyssa takes a nap, the Doctor, Tegan and Adric explore the paradise world of Deva Loka, unaware of the dark evil which lurks, waiting to pounce...

5X The Visitation 4

The TARDIS misses Heathrow by a number of years, arriving instead in 1666. Naturally, there are aliens hanging around. Don't they have anything better to do than to invade Earth?

6A Black Orchid 2

A disfigured madman + a double of Nyssa + some serious parenting issues = one big headache for the Doctor and his companions.

6B Earthshock 4

The Doctor and co encounter the Cybermen in the far future. The Cybermen have a cunning plan which involves blowing up Earth with a big bomb.

6C Time Flight 4

AKA One Of Our Concordes Is Missing. The Doctor finally manages to reach Heathrow, only to find a Concorde has gone missing, and there's time travel involved. Time for an investigation!

6E Arc of Infinity 4

After an energy being tries to binary bond with the Doctor, the TARDIS is recalled to Gallifrey and the Doctor disintegrated, just in case the alien was going to try again.

6D Snakedance 4

When Tegan dreams about the Mara again, the Doctor takes her to its world of origin - Manussa. Unfortunately it's a can of worms he shouldn't have opened.

6F Mawdryn Undead 4

The TARDIS is trapped on a time ship, necessitating the Doctor's journey to Earth in a transmat capsule to disconnect a transmat beam. Unfortunately, all doesn't go as planned, and Nyssa and Tegan end up in the wrong year, with a man they think is the Doctor but isn't. And there are two Brigadiers involved. Oh, I give up.

6G Terminus 4

Turlough sabotages the TARDIS, causing it to begin to break up, and forcing the Doctor to instigate emergency measures. This leaves Nyssa lost on a plague ship, headed for Terminus. I've had days like that.

6H Enlightenment 4

The TARDIS lands on what appears to be a ship, however as it turns out, the ship is sailing through space. With sails. In space. Where there's no air.

6J The King's Demons 2

The TARDIS lands during the reign of King John around the time of the signing of the Magna Carta, only to find said king is making a right nuisance of himself.

90 minute special
6K The Five Doctors 1

Three of the Doctor's selves, minus Tom Baker who got trapped in the vortex, plus someone who looks a bit like William Hartnell, and a bunch of companions and enemies all end up in the Death Zone on Gallifrey, where they have a bit of a rumble.

6L Warriors of the Deep 4

The Silurians, Sea Devils, and their pet pantomime horse invade an undersea base in an attempt to start a world war.

6M The Awakening 2

Going to visit Tegan's grandfather, who lives not in Australia but in England, the TARDIS crew get caught up in a historic war recreation which threatens to revive an alien spearhead (oer!) which has been laying dormant for years.

6N Frontios 4

In the far and distant future, the TARDIS lands on Frontios, where a desperate group of human colonists fight for survival, unaware that below the ground lurks a horrifying menace - giant woodlice!

6P Resurrection of the Daleks 2

The Daleks plan to (a) rescue Davros, (b) cure the Movellan virus and (c) invade Gallifrey using duplicates of the Doctor and his companions, but not necessarily in that order.

6Q Planet of Fire 4

The Doctor and Turlough find a distress beacon on Earth. Meanwhile, the Master remote-controls Kameleon, causing the robot to guide the TARDIS to Sarn, a desolate quarry world. What sinister plan does the Master have in store for Kameleon? Well, it involves... oh, that was a rhetorical question.

6R The Caves of Androzani 4

Despite inadvertently infecting themselves with a deadly poison, the Doctor and Peri still manage to embroil themselves in a nasty political situation on Androzani Minor.

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