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The Sixth Doctor

Main Cast:
The Doctor - Colin Baker
Peri Brown - Nicola Bryant (6S-7B)
Melanie - Bonnie Langford (7C)
Code Title Episodes
6S The Twin Dilemma 4

The Doctor, half-mad after his regeneration, attempts to strangle Peri, thus cementing himself in the minds of millions of fans as a homicidal lunatic, never mind the fact that in his subsequent seasons he was quite mild in comparison, and anyway Pertwee beat people up more often.

SEASON 22 (45 minute episodes)
6T Attack of the Cybermen 2

The Cybermen... don't actually attack anything, but hatch a plan to redirect Halley's Comet to change history and avert the destruction of Mondas. Compared with the Daleks' plan last season, this one is dead simple.

6V Vengeance on Varos 2

With the TARDIS crippled, the Doctor and Peri set forth for Varos, the only planet with the mineral they need. But Varos has a thing for reality TV shows, and they end up in the middle of an episode of Survivor. Flee!

6X The Mark of the Rani 2

Renegade Time Lord scientist The Rani hassles people, hampered by the interference of passing Time Lords. Why she went to all the trouble of playing dress-up instead of just finding a way to synthesise the fluid she was harvesting, I'll never know.

6W The Two Doctors 3

The second Doctor is kidnapped by a couple of Sontarans, a couple of Androgum and a scientist, so that they can obtain the secret of time travel. The sixth Doctor, however, flies to the rescue! Weeeeeeeee!

6Y Timelash 2

When the TARDIS is caught in a time corridor, the Doctor and Peri end up on a planet under the rule of the Borad, a ruthless leader who has people who oppose him chucked into the Timelash. Hence the title.

6Z Revelation of the Daleks 2

The Doctor arrives on Necros to pay his last respects to an old friend, but (after taking half the story to get to the place) it turns out they were busy having an adventure and he wasn't really needed.

7A The Mysterious Planet 4

The Doctor is yanked out of time to a Time Lord courtroom to stand trial for interference. Shouldn't they have hauled up Lawrence Miles for that one? The first evidence the prosecutor (known only as The Valeyard) shows, is an adventure the Doctor and Peri had on Ravolox.

7B Mindwarp 4

A weapon leads the Doctor and Peri to Thoros Beta, where strange perverted experiments which challenge the natural order of things are occurring. Experiments which involve shaving Peri's head.

7C Terror of the Vervoids 4

As the Doctor's defence, he chooses a classic Pip and Jane Baker story, full of mayhem and intrigue. The Doctor and hitherto unmentioned companion Mel answer a distress call on the spaceship Hyperion. Unfortunately the Vervoids get loose, and no one is clever enough to remember that they have guns.

7C The Ultimate Foe 2

As the Doctor wiped out the Vervoids, the Valeyard quite rightly accuses him of genocide. Then the Master turns up, announces that the Valeyard is an evil future version of the Doctor, and it just gets weirder from there on.

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