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The Seventh Doctor

Main Cast:
The Doctor - Sylvester McCoy
Melanie - Bonnie Langford (7D-7G)
Ace - Sophie Aldred (7G-7P)
Code Title Episodes
7D Time and the Rani 4

The Rani shoots down the TARDIS, causing the Doctor to regenerate, just so he can help fix her doomsday device. Why she didn't just consult the manual, I'll never know. Yup, it's a sequel!

7E Paradise Towers 4

Paradise Towers used to have luxury apartments and a swimming pool, so guess when the TARDIS lands. That's right, after it went downhill.

7F Delta and the Bannermen 3

This time, the Doctor and Mel aim for Disneyland, but end up accompanying a party of Navarinos and one Chimmeron queen to a Welsh holiday camp. Oh, and the dreaded Bannermen are coming after them. Scary.

7G Dragonfire 3

Arriving on Svartos, the Doctor and Mel meet up with Glitz and Ace and go dragon hunting. Unfortunately the dragon's seven-foot-tall and has acid for bl... wait, wrong movie.

7H Remembrance of the Daleks 4

The Daleks are in London in 1963, but instead of heading for the nearest bar, they look for a Time Lord superweapon which the Doctor left there at the start of the series and hadn't bothered to mention until now.

7L The Happiness Patrol 3

On Terra Alpha, unhappiness is a crime and the state executioner is a man made of candy. Just another day at the office then? The Doctor and Ace will sort it out!

7K Silver Nemesis 3

The Doctor and Ace hunt for the bits to a Time Lord superweapon. Also looking for the bits are the Cybermen, a medieval noblewoman and some neo-Nazis. Jazz features heavily.

7J The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 4

Despite Ace's phobia of clowns, the Doctor takes her to a circus. A circus where the clowns are homicidal. Cunning move there. Oh, and there are some other people and robots and stuff.

7N Battlefield 4

Arthurian knights from another dimension invade England and their sorceress leader attempts to steal a weapon of mass destruction. Oddly enough, UNIT is involved.

7Q Ghostlight 3

An alien lab specimen escapes and, with the aid of his insane sidekick Redvers, plots to take over the world! Tonight's plot involves assassinating Queen Victoria.

7M The Curse of Fenric 4

An ancient evil from the dawn of time summons vampires during World War II and hilarity ensues. Archetypal New Adventure.

7P Survival 3

The Doctor returns Ace to Perivale, which isn't as boring as she's made out, as there's an invasion of cat people. Still, it could be worse - the Master could be involved.

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