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The Eighth Doctor

Main Cast:
The Doctor - Paul McGann
Grace - Daphne Ashbrook
Code Title Episodes
TV Movie (90 minutes)
- Doctor Who 1

In a desperate attempt to pad out this page, the Doctor picks the Master's remains up from Skaro, where his arch foe has been exterminated for reasons unknown (probably made some comment about the Dalek Supreme's eye stalk). Unfortunately the Master isn't completely dead, and some of him in the form of a quantity of slime causes the TARDIS to crash on Earth, completely bypassing England as everyone knows the Doctor there and might actually be of some assistance.

The Doctor is whisked away to hospital where, through medical misadventure which would have made a season story arc on ER, he is killed and subsequently regenerates into Paul McGann.

Meanwhile, the Master opens the Eye of Harmony, now conveniently located in the TARDIS, causing a gravametric distortion which will suck Earth through it if the Doctor doesn't shut it by midnight. But instead he's off to find a Beryllium clock, so that's us screwed then.

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