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BONNIE-L mailing list introduction


Welcome to bonnie-l! Please take a moment to review this message.

This list is for discussing English song-and-dance star of stage
and screen, Bonnie Langford and her various incarnations as Melanie
Bush, Violet Elisabeth Bott and so forth.

Take note of the following rules, offenders will be dealt with:

1) No binaries.
2) No binaries.
3) See rule 2.

If you want to exchange pictures, feel free to discuss it on the
list, just don't post them there.

As well, note the following guidelines to making the list a happy
place for everyone:

1) Being polite is the best way to get people to listen.
2) Flaming isn't.
3) Staying on-topic is a generally good idea.
4) Keep this message in a safe place.  You may need it.

For further information, the newsgroup news.announce.newusers is a
good place to find information on Netiquette...

Useful URLs: - The Mel Bush Web Page. - Bonnie's official page


To unsubscribe from this list, go to the Yahoo Groups web site, at, login and change your YahooGroup settings.

Please keep posts on topic. If you fail to do so, you may be
unsubscribed from the list.

Send problems, questions, abuse to
(no, I live in New Zealand, I don't know why Yahoo decided to give
me a .uk address.)

Ta, Alden Bates

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