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Mark of the Rani

Mark of the Rani

Any science fiction we do we try to base on science fact. And this is based on science fact. We've taken it further, obviously. We've done that before with anti-matter, but we don't particularly like dreaming up gobbledegook and magic machines. We prefer to stand on the side of fact.

- Pip and Jane in interview, DWM #103, 1985

Straight away in this story, we see some splended characterisation: The Doctor is at his most condescending, delivering quotes and fuming noisily when he's ignored. (A popular gag, as used later in Terror of the Vervoids) Peri actually gets clothing not specifically designed to show off body parts, not to mention her knowledge of botany is actually put to use. The Master is his usual devious self and played off marvelously against the Rani, who's character is a superb creation! Combined with the excellent location, this makes Mark of the Rani one of the best stories of season 22.

Besides, innit a lovely tree?

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