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Race Against Time

Race Against Time

If anyone is polysyllabic, they're accused of being pretentious, which is a shame because if you go back to the end of the last century and read Dickens, you can't accuse him of being monosyllabic, and he was writing for a mass audience.

- Pip Baker in interview, DWM #137, 1988

Pip and Jane were perfect choices to write in the "Make your own adventure" range. Their book contains plenty of twists and turns, plus occasional titbits of scientific knowledge which are essential in today's world. Where else could you find out that HOCH2CH2OH is the the chemical formula for anitfreeze?

An interesting note is that one of the alien races in the book, the Shikari, resenble the Tetraps from Time in the Rani slightly, with their habit of using nets to catch people and hanging them upside down from the ceiling.

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