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A few years ago, I was addicted to DOOM, and I constructed a series of levels for DOOM 2. On the offchance that anyone still plays DOOM 2, here's a compilation called Alternate DOOM 2 complete with modified status bar and stuff.


It's small! It's pointless! It's dmorph! This dos utility will do a bulk rename to change the case of all the filenames in a directory. Rename all the files to be lower case, upper case, whatever! Make em all nice and neat or something. Also useful when you've got to move them to a case sensitive file system later on.

Doctor Who Icons and Cursors - Thirteen icons (Daleks, the TARDIS and logos mainly) - Three animated cursors (Two TARDISes and a console) - Another fourteen icons (More Cybermen, Sontarans and stuff) - Another eleven icons - Seven animated cursors (Daleks, Cybermats, and Adric getting squished) - eleven icons of varying resolutions...

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