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CD audio adventure released November 2011, 4 episodes

Writer: Paul Finch, from a storyline by Peter Ling and Hazel Adair
Director: Ken Bentley

Roots: The Fly. Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. Alien abduction movies (This Island Earth?)

Technobabble: A spacepod is a spherical gravity bubble which has photonic energy as a propulsion system. A diminishing ion stream is like a vapour trail in space and can be tracked via an ionograph (it looks like a spinning top)

Dialogue Triumphs: "For a man of wisdom I'd have thought you'd recognise the advantage of being married to a queen" "-For a man of wisdom I'd have thought you'd recognise the drawbacks"

Dialogue Disasters: "That's a flintlock pistol on the back of your skull - in case you were wondering"

Mike the Aussie mozzie turns the cliché meter to eleven: "Of course if you fancy a break from hero stuff you could always pop back to Earth. I could have the barbie on in ten minutes and a few beers on ice. Whaddaya say?"

Double Entendres: "This is a ludicrous pantomime!"

"Jump on, quick - before I run out of energy!"

Fashion Victims: The Doctor describes his authentic wedding garb: "How marvellously complete - trunk hose, cartwheel ruff and of course, tights"

Continuity: Hexagorans are an itinerant species, with a short adult life (500 YEARS). They have a queen and were farmers, moving among planets easily. They found earth during the sixteenth century but moved on to Lupara. The planet's ice age [?] the required Pool of Knowledge and its hexian connections fail. Their memory pool is a tear-shed reservoir of the substance Hexian. Zagara IX was a peaceful world and the Hexagorans lived on it until the Agellae (a belligerent race from the Actaeon galaxy) armada arrived, picking the wrong place and the wrong queen - Zafira routed them, along with, later, the dranseills and Ultrans.

Luparis is the third planet of Proxima Centauri, and is supposed to be overgrown with no intelligent life (the Dr has visited it previously). Luparis (Lupara is its capital) is an entirely matriarchal society (the Dr finds this unusual) in the Milky Way galaxy

The TARDIS has a "time finder"

Mike Bretherton and Tegan were neighbours and school friends; their physics teacher was a Mrs Anderson. Tegan broke her toe in athletics when she was fifteen.

The Doctor says Gallifreyans can live for "millennia"

Links: The Doctor admits "personally, I don't know if I'll ever see roses in the same way again" (The Elite). Nyssa refers to Traken and Malador (Guardians of Prophecy)

The Bottom Line: "This attempt to be someone you're not is ridiculous"

The weak link of Davison's Lost Stories isn't helped with a B plot and the ropey Ozploitation cliché that is Mike Bretherton. Yet there are other support performances which elevate the script - Jacqueline Pearce is a very fine Zafira and Sean Brosnan's Astorius an appealing foil. It's just a shame the bug-centric denouement lets things down.

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