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Doctor Who Unbound

DWU1 Auld Mortality (May 2003, 1 episode)
Writer: Marc Platt
The Doctor: Geoffrey Bayldon

A Storm of Angels (January 2005, 2 episodes)
Writer: Marc Platt
The Doctor: Geoffrey Bayldon

DWU2 Sympathy for the Devil (June 2003, 1 episode)
Writer: Jonathan Clements
The Doctor: David Warner

Masters of War (December 2008, 2 episodes)
Writer: Eddie Robson
The Doctor: David Warner

DWU3 Full Fathom Five (July 2003, 1 episode)
Writer: David Bishop
The Doctor: David Collings

DWU4 He Jests At Scars... (August 2003, 1 episode)
Writer: Gary Russell
The Valeyard: Michael Jayston

DWU5 Deadline (September 2003, 1 episode)
Writer: Robert Shearman
The Doctor (sort of): Sir Derek Jacobi

DWU6 Exile (October 2003, 1 episode)
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
The Doctor: Arabella Weir

Whatever happened to Susan Foreman? (July 1994, 1 episode)
Writer: Adrian Mourby

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