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Doctor Who Fanfiction

General Doctor Who Fiction

Confrontation on Zerron
A Choose Your Own Adventure style story, pitting the seventh Doctor, Ace, and YOU against the Daleks and Cybermen. Years in the making...

The Last Words
A Dalek vessel stumbles across a Sontaran/Rutan battle.
This is an edited version of a piece of fiction I wrote a couple of years ago. It appeared in a hatcheted form in TSV #37. Someone had edited it resulting in incomplete sentences and all sorts of errors. I got quite a few comments about the ending though.

Stealth and Subtlety
What a dreadful title. This features the NA Doctor and Benny. I wrote it a while ago and sent it in to TSV, but it never resurfaced.

He's What?
A series of humorous drabbles in the same vein as The Last Words. These involve horrific puns of a gratuitous nature. You have been warned.

Mel Fanfiction

The TARDIS Ate My Socks!
Written originally for Vermin Publishing's Triskadecalog, this story was for a while lost when that site was eaten by its web host, but the story survived on a laptop. Now here it is in all its glory. The writing style is a deliberate attempt to emulate the stylings of Pip and Jane Baker. Features the Sixth Doctor and Mel.

There's No Place Like Home
A month after leaving the Doctor in Head Games, Mel and Ace return to Pease Pottage where they get a rather large surprise. (With excessive wibbling about HG)

Chicken Soup
A particularly cute and fluffy piece where the Doctor falls ill and Mel has to look after him.

Internet Adventures

Six Sides to Every Story - Internet Adventure #2
When the TARDIS lands on Atrios, the eighth Doctor and Grace find themselves set on a quest to recover the Key to Time before someone else does. Six Sides to Every Story was written by the IA#2 crew. I wrote chapter 6.

Altered State - Internet Adventure #3
The Doctor and Grace wake one morning to find that everything is not as it should be. For one thing, they don't usually sleep in the same bed. Altered State was written by the IA#3 crew. I wrote chapter 1 and am thus responsible for starting off this insanity...

Arc - Internet Adventure #5
The Doctor and Grace arrive on Paracastria where momentous events of an inconvenient nature are about to occur. Arc was written by the IA#5 crew. I wrote chapter 10. Before you ask, I didn't take part in #4 because it ran at the same time as #5.

My fanfic is also at:

Dreamtime - Internet fanzine
The Cat Who Walked Through Time 1 and 2
The TSV Archive
A Teaspoon and an Open Mind

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