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The Melanie Bush Web Page

Proudly Pro-Mel for over ten years!

Who is Melanie Bush?

Melanie "Mel" Bush is one of the most disliked Doctor Who companions of all time. One day, I'll work out why.

Mel, a computer programmer from Pease Pottage, England, was companion to the sixth and seventh Doctors during the mid-eighties. She's usually associated with two acts: screaming and putting the Doctor on a fitness programme, but there's far more to Mel than that.

Mel Bush was played by Bonnie Langford. Bonnie has a web site up at Rejoice!

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I'd like to thank the following people for their help: John Seavey, Marcus Durham, Steve Hill, Peter Adamson, Carson Maynard, Jason Fraser, Paul Scoones, David Murray, Gary Russell, Random Companion, SukiF, Tanina Varagona, Nathan Roberts, Jon Preddle, Brian Morris, Craig Hinton.
And of course, Bonnie Langford and her husband Paul Grunert.

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Added pages for Thicker Than Water and Time's Champion
Added page for Unregenerate! and updated the Mel biography

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