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Older NZ news items

Prime screenings of the new series

[Screening Thursdays on Prime]

Prime TV screened Series One in New Zealand from July 7th to September 29th 2005, with Rose being repeated. Series Two (Including The Christmas Invasion) was screened from July 6th to October 5th 2006. The precise dates can be found in the NZDWFC broadcast history, while the press pack for series one can still be found here and promotional material for series two here. See also a TV Guide cover from the period.

Doctor Who - Inside the TARDIS

The Doctor Who - Inside the TARDIS stage show, featuring Katy Manning, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy, was on in Wellington 05/08/2005 and Auckland 06/08/2005. More information can be found on the NZDWFC Inside the TARDIS page.

Doctor Con 2003

Doctor Con 2003 took place at the Auckland Town Hall on April 12 with guests Janet Fielding and Paul Cornell.

Missing Episode Clips Found!

Clips from three stories (The Ark, Web of Fear, and The Wheel in Space) have been found in New Zealand! Read the NZDWFC press release

Armageddon 2001

On the weekend starting Feb 10, Armageddon took place at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. The Friday before, TV3 ran a news item reproduced here in realmedia format thanks to Aaron Anderson!

He's back!

Prime TV purchased the screening rights to Doctor Who and began playing the series on the 15th of May, 2000. The show screened at 6:35pm in the evening on weekdays. The show was such as success they began to show it Sundays as well.

At the end of January 2001, Prime moved the show to 6pm and began to show two episodes a day, beginning with Death to the Daleks. This was short-lived and on April 1, they went back to one episode a day, but still starting at 6:00pm.

Missing Episode

In 1999 an episode thought lost forever - Part one of The Crusade - turned up in the hands of a private collector in New Zealand. Read the press release from the NZDWFC.

And read an article written about the whole affair here

The TV Movie (again)

TV2 repeated the TV Movie on July 3, 1999. It started at 9pm and obtained an AO rating. (Presumably for the neck breaking scenes. Woohoo!)

Tom's Visit

At the beginning of 1997, Tom Baker visited New Zealand in order to film some advertisements for National Superannuation. The following zipped AVI files are mirrored on Worth Godwin's site.

Advert 1 (4.9mb)
Advert 2 (2.2mb)
Advert 3 (1.9mb)

Further proof that Doctor Who should be a joint NZ/BBC production...

Plus some pictures:

A pamphlet for NZ super: 0800 TARDIS - The Cover - A picture of Tom
Tom speaks to the fans: Standing before the Auckland crowd - Signing stuff - Waving goodbye

Tom was to be coming back to be a guest at Conquest II, but unfortunately had to pull out.

The TV Movie

The 28th of October, 1996 - a night to remember. For it was on this night that the TV Movie with Paul McGann and Eric Roberts was screened. And lo, there was much rejoicing, and it was the third most watched programme of the week.

Yet still they did not start screening Doctor Who again.


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