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The Yeah, Whatever Web Award

Some web pages give out awards to web sites. Usually this is accomplished by the web site owner who wants the award emailing the owner of the awards web site and promptly getting an award.

The Yeah, Whatever Web Award

Well, Tetrapyriarbus is no exception, and here it is!

The Yeah, Whatever Web Award

Isn't it brill? And such a nice shade of green and purple. Here are several more graphics for other backgrounds:

Black Grey Puke
Black Grey and, of course,
puke green

How do I acquire this web award?

It's simple. Right-click the image and select "Save Image As..." or "Save Picture As..." or whatever, then save it. Then just add it to your web page. (if you don't know how to add images to your web page, perhaps you should get a less taxing hobby.)

You can email me if you like, but I don't really care. There are no conditions or prerequisites for getting this award, just take the thing. Someday I might compile a list of web sites who got the award, but probably not!

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