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Urak's Guide to DVD Terms

DVD, a relatively new format for selling TV shows and movies in a form in which they won't degrade over time. DVD is rapidly replacing VHS as the formal of choise for pre-recorded material, in much the same way as CDs replaced frisbees.

DVD Terms

Expensive speaker configuration.
Discussion by one or more of the people who worked on a movie, overlayed over the soundtrack. As this is not scripted, there's the occasional happy moment when someone makes an arse of themselves.
DVD (AKA Digital Versatile Disk)
A method developed in the late 20th century for companies to charge up to 200% more for the same movies they previously released on video.
DVD Case
Plastic (or occasionally cardboard) case which has an often fanatical grip on the DVD it contains. Crowbar may be required.
Additional material used to excuse the price hike, overlooking the fact that such material could as equally been included on a video (and in some cases was).
A DVD which involves stopping mid-movie to eject the DVD and flip it over.
In this format, the movie is presented so that it fills the entire TV screen. If the screen is customary shape, this involves losing the bits of picture on each side. Some people think doing this is silly.
To provide more storage space, DVDs can have more than one layer containing movie. With technology being what it is, this means the movie stops for a while until the DVD player can find the start of the next layer.
Measure designed to prevent people from illegally duplicating movies. Only slightly more effective than the FBI warning people are forced to watch for five minutes before every movie.
Pan and Scan
See Full-screen. This involves wobbling the image back and forth so that the action is in the centre of the screen.
Region Encoding
Method by which DVDs can be protected against people buying them.
Snapper case
Flimsy cardboard cover inexplicibly supplied instead of the usual plastic one
"This digital video disc is sold on condition it is not offered for sale or hire outside Australia"
Text appearing on the back of certain DVDs sold in New Zealand.
In this format, the movie is presented in its original format, with black bars on the top and bottom of the screen, if necessary. Some people think the black bars are ugly. Below is a method by which the black bars can be removed for when playing widescreen DVDs.

Removing The Black Bars

  1. Put a widescreen DVD in your DVD player and pause at a spot with the black bars.
  2. Taking a marker (you'll probably need a perminant one) draw a dotted line along the edge of the black bars.
  3. Turn the DVD player and TV set off.
  4. Using a chainsaw, make two horizontal cuts along the dotted lines.
  5. Tada!

The management accepts no responsibility for damage or loss caused by following this method.

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