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#DrWhoChat purity test

Have you ever been on the Dalnet #DrWhoChat channel?
Were you on #drwho?
Were you on the EfNet version of #drwho?
Do you remember the day you first joined the channel?
Are you an AOP or higher on #DrWhoChat?
...An SOP or higher?
...Channel founder? (bonus)
Have you ever idled more than an hour on #DrWhoChat?
Was it because you left town? (bonus)
Ever been kicked for idling?
Ever had Dse read out your idle time?
Ever kicked someone for idling?
Ever kick a spammer?
Do you run K9?
...have a K9 mirror page?
Did you write K9? (bonus)
Do you have any sort of #DrWhoChat web site?
...the offical #DrWhoChat site? (bonus)
Are you on the #DWC webring?
Are you the ringmaster of the web ring? (bonus)
Are you on the #DWC mailing list?
Have you been hit on by Yads?
...even if you're the same sex?
Ever kick Yads?
Ever take part in a #DrWhoChat invasion of another channel?
Was it a sex channel?
Did you get kicked from it?
Did you annoy them so much *they* left? (bonus)
Ever actually watch Doctor Who?
Ever meet another #DWCer in person?
Did you sleep with them? (bonus)
...Take part in a synchronised watching on #DWC? with other #DWCers in person?
Ever correct another #DWCer's spelling for them?
Are you on #DrWhoChat more than 50 hours a month?
...more than 100 hours a month?
...more than 200 hours a month?
Ever not bother sleeping cause you were too busy on #DWC?
Ever fallen asleep while on #DrWhoChat?
Ever make a bad pun on #DrWhoChat?
...did you get fwapped for it? multiple people?
Ever watch a #DWCer's webcam?
...for more than an hour?
...without going insane?
Do you have a webcam?
Ever flashed the cam? (bonus)
Did you ever coerce your plastic Sailor Moon Dolls into lesbian sex for your webcam? (bonus)
Ever seen someone log on to #DrWhoChat while drunk?
Ever logged onto #DrWhoChat while drunk?
...did it make more sense that way?
Ever talk to a Doctor Who personality on #DWC? (authors count)
Ever impersonate a Doctor Who personality on #DWC?
Did you fool anyone into believing you were them? (bonus)
Do you use an alias in #DWC?
...but everyone knows your real name?
Do people who know in real life call you by your #DWC alias?
Do you prefer your #DWC alias to your real name?
Ever use /me in real life?
...Take part in a #DrWhoChat simulation?
Ever ask HTQF?
...even though you knew it wasn't done and Nate would fwap you?
Did you leave the channel before he fwapped you?
Ever been in the Quote file?
Do you maintain the quotefile? (bonus)
Do you IRC and ICQ at the same time
...and AIM?
...and MSN Messanger?
Do you know what GARC means?
Ever used it on someone?
Ever been told to GARC?
Do you know who Drake is?
Do you know who JrWhoFan is?
Have you ever sung on #DrWhoChat?
Ever said exactly the same thing as anyone else in channel? (snap!)
Ever repeated the same line twice by accident?
Ever repeated the same line twice by accident?
Ever been around during an invasion of #DrWhoChat?
Did you kickban them before they could mass kickban?
Ever take part in a long and pointless debate on #DWC?
...Was it longer than 6 hours?
Ever mischanneled a message into #DrWhoChat?
...Was it an embarressing message?
...Was it sexually explicit? (bonus)
Ever been guested by NickServ?
Ever been nick killed/ghosted accidentally?
Ever sent chanserv/nickserv an abusive msg for ghosting/guesting you?
Ever kicked yourself from #DWC? (done a Grek...)
Ever kicked Grek?
Ever fallen victim to the /who * trick?
Ever fallen victim to the press "Alt-F4" for ops trick?
...used the trick successfully on someone else?

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