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X marks the spot

Inspired by the American spelling of "colour" and "flavour" without the u (presumably to save wear and tear on the u button) I looked around the English language to see what other savings could be made.

For a start - x. Depending on where it occurs in a word, x is either pronounced the same way as z or as ecks. We can therefore eliminate x from the alphabet by modifying the spelling of certain words. This will make no change to how we pronounce them.

Henceforth, we spell:
Xylophone = Zylophone
Xerox = Zerocks
Sex = Secks

That only leaves the dilemma of whether to change words such as "X-ray" and "X-rated" to "Ecks-ray", etc, or use a different letter.

The advantage is now we have a free key on our keyboards! This I propose we use for a new letter I've invented. Stay tuned!

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