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Convention Photos

I don't have very much to say (type?) here. This is just an index page to tie together photos from the various conventions I have been to).


Visions '98 - The first convention I want to was in Chicago in November 1998, and it was Visions. Sadly it was the last Visions, unless they start it up again...

Gallifrey 2000 - The second was in Los Angeles (Van Nuys, actually) in February 2000. Meg also took some photos, here of the fans and panels.

Gallifrey 2001 - The third was also Gallifrey, at which I finally met Bonnie. This was also in Van Nuys (Feb 2001, naturally...). Pictures taken by Alden and Meg are up now.

Starcon 2001 - Alden didn't go to Starcon 2001, but Meg did! And here are her photos.

Starfest 2001 - And here are her pictures for Starfest 2001.

Starfest 2002 - And Starfest 2002.

Gallifrey 2003 - I skipped Gally for a year, but then I came back!

Andromeda Fest and Trek Expo 2003 - More convention photos taken by Meg.

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