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Visions 98

San Diego, Friday - Saturday - Sunday


After the flight to Chicago, I arrived at the hotel, checked in, found Becky Dowgiert already in the room, went downstairs, check in for Visions, and at that point was mobbed by the PMEB. They shanghaied me to the venue for the impending party where the PMEB amatuer dramatics society practiced their play.

[PMEB play antics]

From left - Mojo, Erin, Ana, Alryssa, Caz, Steph, Andie, Chris, Marion and Trina on bass.

[PMEB play antics]

From left - Andie, M.E., Caz, Erin (hiding behind) Trina, Alryssa, and Chris.

[Andie's cross-stitch]

Andie shows off her cross-stitched PaulDoc

[More PMEBers]

From left - Erin, Trina, Alryssa, Chris and Mojo

Then we went downstairs (Well, downlifts) and met with a bunch more people to go get some food...

[Jack, Robert and Meg]

From left - Jack, Robert and Meg

From there, we all went to Bennigans for some food.

[dinner at Bennigans]

Elsa, Steph, Chris and Becky decide on what to eat

[dinner at Bennigans]

The table in the other direction...

And then it was back to the PMEB room party, where we watched a video of Paul kissing people and kissing, and kissing, and more kissing. Also one of Sylv not kissing anything. Then we watched "The Few Doctors" which was very funny...

[Let's do the Time Warp!]

Elsa, Judi and Trina do the Time Warp again.

[Tom and Ryssa]

Tom (He's dressed as PaulDoc) and Alyrssa

And on Saturday...

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