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Friends - Net people I have known.
Me links! - places I go frequently
New Zealand links - a few other websites for and about New Zealand
Linkback - links to sites that link to me - recursion ahoy!
Doctor Who - Links to other Doctor Who sites
The Doctor Who Web Guide - Maintained by Paul Harman
Mel Links - Mel/Bonnie Langford/Doctor Who companion sites

People Links

Here's a list of some people I know, or have met, or who asked me to put them on here:

Peter Adamson
Jack Beven
Ana Cotton
Vani Davis
Becky Dowgiert
Doug "dse" Ethington
Jason Fraser
Elsa Frohman
Judi Grant
Edan "Bozzie" Harel

R. Dan Henry
Kris Herzog
Steve Hill
Eva Jacobus
Chris Krisocki
Meg Lahey
Stephanie Linz-Gould
Carson Maynard
Richard H. Poser
Random Companion

Nathan Roberts
Rusty Shock
Trina Short
George Solana
Jeff Stone
Chris Sweitzer
Bill Thompson
Tanina Varagona
Shel "Payge" Wolf
and lots of others.

Some of them are from #drwhochat on IRC. Still others are part of the PMEB.

Also check out:

Me Family

Kill the Sun and my sister's web page.

Aunt and Uncle Cameron

Me links!

Sites I visit frequently...

SearchNZ - New Zealand search engine
Altavista - worldwide search engine
Google - another good search engine
Straight Dope - Cecil Adams answers everyday questions...
User Friendly - A very funny comic strip...
Riboflavin - The superhero that looks like a kid's drawing
SinFest - The eternal battle between good and evil - archives of popular newspaper strips.
Digital Blasphemy - A collection of breathtaking computer-rendered images

New Zealand Links

Discover New Zealand - Information about tourism in NZ
New Zealand on the Web - "Resources for and about NZ on the Internet"
NZ Government - Every country has to have one of these too....
Pocket Solutions - I work here.
Upper Hutt - I live here.
What's On New Zealand - NZ based directory. - NZ-based DVD/games store.


links to sites that link to me - recursion ahoy!

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