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Complete List (Over 100k)

Welcome to the Web Guide to Doctor Who!

This FAQ-a-like outlines a mere smidgen of the number of Web pages there are out there in the great wide world which are, however loosely, based upon Doctor Who.

  • Many thanks to Jeremy Rayner for providing the initial "kick" that got the whole shebang started back in December 1995, and to Paul Harman for building and developing the Guide over the following ten years.
  • Please note the legal disclaimer at the top of the page.
  • To submit your site for consideration in the guide, please visit the Outpost Galifrey Websites Forum.
  • Don't forget to visit Our Recommended Links!

This version of the Guide was compiled on Thursday 18th December, 2008.

Note: This is a mirror of the Web Guide to Doctor Who. Changes requests should be made via the link above.


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