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Hornet's Nest : The Dead Shoes

Released 8th October 2009

Writer: Paul Magrs
Producer & Director: Kate Thomas

Roots: The Red Shoes. The pier's musical motifs include Oh, I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside (also quoted by the Doctor), and The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker. The Doctor compares his and Ernestina's miniature predicament to Alice in Wonderland.

Continuity: The Doctor and Mike are still trapped in the basement of The Nest. None of the stuffed animals sleep, due to them being animated cadavers. Night is when they are most active.

Mrs Wibbsey was found by the Doctor in her role as curator to the Museum of Curios, which includes among its collection a mediaeval weather prediction device which utilised leeches (the Doctor is quite taken with this) and the ballet shoes and feet of the aerialist Francesca.

Ernestina Stott is the elderly grandmother of Percy Noggins

The Hornets can reduce the size of their victims through vibrations of their subject's atoms, possibly in a similar manner to the Master's former tissue compression eliminator. In any case, the Doctor perfects a means to reverse the effects with his sonic screwdriver.

The TARDIS is stationed near an amusement arcade on Cromer's entertainment pier.

Untelevised Adventures: The Doctor speaks of Tchaikovsky's company as being quite agreeable.

Links: The Stuff of Nightmares, the Hornets refer to having met the Doctor earlier, implicitly a reference to subsequent stories in this series, but explicitly the events of The Circus of Doom.

Location: Cromer, 1932

The Bottom Line: "I don't believe in magic - and neither do you, as a man of the cloth"

A decent follow-up, despite it being another one-person narrative (with even less Mike Yates). Tom Baker's performance however seems livelier in this one, and there's more 'action' than re-telling in general, with some very creepy descriptions of the dolls house scenes. The Doctor's drooling over Ernestina's feet on the other hand is almost as deliciously icky.

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