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Alden's Doctor Who Page


Mel Bush

The Mel Bush Page

Everything you never wanted to know about everyone's favourite red-headed computer programmer companion!


The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club

Including a large archive of issues of TSV, Timestreams, and ebooks of the TSV novelisations and Who Killed Kennedy!

DiscContinuity Guide

The DiscContinuity Guide

Expanding on the Virgin book, covering the Big Finish audios and other pieces of Doctor Who lore!

Web Guide

Web Guide to Doctor Who mirror

Links to Doctor Who sites all over the web!

Plus: The Pip and Jane Baker worship page!!, the ULTIMATE Guide,
FanFiction, Downloads, and Links

NZ Doctor Who News

Prime Screenings

For current information on Doctor Who screenings, see the NZDWFC screenings page.

Older news items

Older news includes the Prime TV showings, the finding of The Lion, conventions, and Tom Baker's Superannuation commercials

Site Updates

NZDWFC - New 20th Anniversary Edition of Who Killed Kennedy.

DiscCon Guide - Added entries for Eldrad Must Die!, The Lady of Mercia, and Prisoners of Fate.

DiscCon Guide - Added entries for Persuasion, Starlight Robbery, and Daleks Among Us.

DiscCon Guide - Added entries for seven fourth Doctor audios.

NZ Fanzines

Charity Fanzines

Time/Space Visualiser
Time/Space Visualiser
Reverse The Polarity
Reverse the Polarity
The Cat Who Walked Through Time 2

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