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The Pip and Jane Baker Worship Page!

I can see you reaching for the "Back" button, hands off!

"Why?" I hear you cry. "Why? Why?! WHY?!" Well, 'cause it's only a TV series, and it's allowed to be fun. Pip and Jane wrote stories which weren't ground-breaking or deep and meaningful, but were entertaining. Who can forget Mel and the seventh Doctor wrestling in the Rani's lab, or the prolific dialogue of Terror of the Vervoids? Exactly! It's all about fun, and if you don't expect huge amounts of companion angst or manipulations by the Doctor, I'm sure you'll enjoy it...

Pre-Who History

They began in 1961 with the film The Third Alibi and enjoyed success in the UK and the US, writing for the series The Pursuers and further movies. The Internet Movie Database lists:

They also wrote for a number of TV series, including: Z Cars, Space: 1999 (Season 2 "A Matter of Balance"), and The Zodiac Factor. Somehow it was inevitable that they'd get to write for Doctor Who...

Doctor Who Stuff

Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani
Doctor Who: Race Against Time
Doctor Who: Terror of the Vervoids
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Foe
Doctor Who: Time and the Rani
The Rani Reaps The Whirlwind

Everything you didn't want to know about Tetraps

And Onwards...

I do know that since working on Doctor Who, Pip and Jane have also worked on another series, called "Watt on Earth".

Pip & Jane
Doctor Who Magazine
Internet Movie Database

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