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Doctor Who Downloads

Windows Stuff

[WHO1] - Thirteen icons (Daleks, the TARDIS and logos mainly)
[WHO2] - Three animated cursors (Two TARDISes and a console)
[WHO3] - Another fourteen icons (More Cybermen, Sontarans and stuff)
[WHO4] - Another eleven icons
[WHO5] - Seven animated cursors (Daleks, Cybermats, and Adric getting squished)
[WHO6] - eleven icons of varying resolutions...

You might also try my Mood Icons Page for K9, Cybermat and Dalek mood icons sets.


Adverts for New Zealand Superannuation, featuring Tom Baker:
Advert 1 (4.9mb)
Advert 2 (2.2mb)
Advert 3 (1.9mb)

Tom B


Who Killed Kenny

"Oh my god! They killed Kenny! You bastards!" - a fake cover based on the cover for Who Killed Kennedy.

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