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Alden's Mood Icons and LiveJournal Icons

This here's a page to hold sets of Mood Icons, which can be used with weblogs and the suchlike. At the moment, hmm, it has three sets. The intention is to create these to be used with LiveJournal.

Mood Icon Sets

[K9 icon set]K-9 [Cybermat icon set]Cybermat [Dalek icon set]Dalek

Feel free to use these on your own site so long as you credit me and preferably provide a link back to and don't remote link

User Icons

Reboot icons [13]
Star Trek: Voyager icons [56]
Star Trek icons [32]
Unreal Tournament 2004 icons [37]
Wonder Woman icons [14]
Misc TV Shows (Doctor Who [2], Greg the Bunny [7], The Tomorrow People [4], Chobits [1], Dept. S [9])
Misc LiveJournal user icons (Moby [7], Enigma [6], The Quiet Earth [6])

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