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The War Against the Laan

Released March 2013. 2 episodes.

Written and Directed by: Nick Briggs

Intertexuality: The character of Cuthbert and Conglomerate originated in Audio Visuals' 'Conglomerate' audio stories.

Continuity: All Laan are female, and their psychic transference seems sympathetic to latent psychics who are also females of their species.

Cuthbert's research facility outpost is in Proxima IV, believed destroyed with 300 casualties when the Laan blasted it with an intense beam of concentrated chronons during their migration. The Laan themselves, with navigational cortices (which the Doctor observes resembles the structure and function of the TARDIS navigational circuits), were diverted by Conglomerate's temporal experiments. The nature of these, not being revealed in this story suggest that Cuthbert's disappearance at the story's conclusion could be related, explaining why the Doctor has not heard of him as an historical figure. i.e. watch this space...

The Doctor says psychic ability is latent and not unknown in humanoids.

Romana claims there is no such thing as time spillage.

Future history: EP One is the presidential jet of Earth.

The Bottom Line: 'You seem to be remarkably straight forward for a politician! How on Earth did you get elected?'

An improvement, but a marginal one, on a decidedly average first part. Laan continues the sound and fury of its predecessor with a mercifully shorter running time, but apart from Cuthbert the supporting cast aren't particularly engaging, the resolution ridiculously simple, and, well, it's the fault of the writing. Everything else is pretty good, and the music (as in Sands of Life) is highly evocative of Baker's early TV episodes. But cripes- what a bland story to wrap it up in...

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