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135j 'The Council of Nicaea'

CD audio adventure released July 2005, 4 episodes

Writer: Caroline Symcox
Director: Gary Russell

Roots: Historical account of the first synod at Nicaea. The Doctor quotes from Romans 16:1-2, referring to Paul's recommendation of Phoebe to the Church (a pertinent reference given that some interpret this to mean Phoebe held the position of deaconess in an assumedly male domain).

Continuity: Peri's mother was an Episcopalian and used to regularly drag her to Sunday school (it clearly made no impression on young Perpugilliam)

The Doctor is a strong right arm bowler and can recall and quote from scripture (which he finds a useful tool). He carries Euros among his currency.

Links: Erimem mentions Cardinal Richleau (The Church and the Crown)

Location: Nicaea, 325 AD

The Bottom Line: “It all comes down to faith, Constantine”

An oddly gripping story, given that it is based around one of Christendom's most significant meetings (albeit with one or two deaths), and the conflict of the story is largely around semantics and religion. It's a credit to Big Finish and Symcox that an erudite historical works so well, and that the regulars assigned the story (one could easily fit this with the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn, for example) provide such contrasting reactions: from the Doctor's don't-touch-history rule, to Peri's accidental laughter at the issues being debated so heatedly, to what is the lynchpin of the story, Erimem's forthright willingness to defend not essentially Arius' faith, but his freedom to hold a contrary view. Mature beyond recent tales of old gods and aliens, this is the way forward for the young Pharaoh.

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