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135b 'Exotron'

CD audio adventure released May 2007, 3 episodes.

Writer: Paul Sutton
Director: Barnaby Edwards

Roots: Among Giants, Aldous Huxley ("the doors of perception"), Star Wars (Obi Wan Kenobi's 'these are not the droids you are looking for' mind control scene)

Double Entendres: Some early sniggers available for anyone who finds Peri's talk of collecting "samples" amusing. Also some unfortunate lines which could apply to fandom's online community: "So this is the Net... so many enslaved lives" and "The Net has assimilated you, Doctor - you're seeing too much!"

Continuity: The planet is saturated with telepathic fields. The sonic rigs measure the strata and clarify its composition; it's not considered a serious part of the terraforming project, but is part of colonisation regulations. The terraformers answer to an Earth Authority. Secretary for the Interior Ballentyne's office is in Brussels.

A Farakosh [is] a giant hyaena-like beast. The creatures are natural telepaths and the Exotrons enrage them because the white noise of the net sears across their senses. Whenever the Exotrons are activated, it causes them pain. They have individual names.

The Doctor has studied Greek and knows the language.

Links: Peri's botany skills are brought out once more.

Location: An unnamed future Earth colony.

The Bottom Line: "You made a mistake. People do, sweetheart."

Doomed romances, giant animals -it's a Paul Sutton script, isn't it? This is a light and unsatisfactory script, mainly because it's so predictable. The baddies are bad, the animals are entirely noble creatures to an individual, the deluded pay for their crimes after realising their mistakes, and the Exotrons nobly self-sacrifice tidily before the story's end. Worst of all, it's obviously padded at the beginning to get even this far.


The TARDIS' telepathic circuitry could be inferred to occupy a number of functions. Since the advent of psychic paper in the new series it's no great stretch to imagine that there is a 'psychic' element in the ship's ability to translate languages for those within its confines, and in fact the explanation is quite neat. Further evidence of the telepathic circuits being linked with a wider 'perception filter' for the TARDIS is the Doctor's specific use of same in Valhalla to disguise himself using a suggested image (traditionalists might call this a 'glamour'). In fact, for the Doctor himself the near-symbiotic link between Time Lord and Ship is particularly evident with regard to this circuitry. Doctor has heightened telepathic abilities and in Exotron seems to be able to link to the TARDIS telepathic circuits remotely (providing it is "within range") using them to boost his own power whilst in a telepathic trance (he lies prone to achieve this). In Absolution C'rizz's own boosted psychic powers seem enough to influence the Ship's working themselves, manipulating the Chameleon Circuit. The opening scenes clearly indicate that the Ship is itself vulnerable to psychic interference and can be destroyed by it.

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