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'Guardians of Prophecy'

CD audio adventure released May 2012. 2 episodes

Writers: Johnny Byrne and Jonathan Morris
Director: Ken Bentley

Roots: Dungeons and Dragons. The Doctor quotes Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn, Pt III, The Theologian's Tale: Elizabeth ("So on the ocean of life we pass and speak one another / Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence") and English cricketer Cliff Gladwin ("Cometh the hour, cometh the man"). He calls the two sentinels "Tweddledum and Tweedledee" (Alice in Wonderland) Peri invokes the US Declaration of Independence ("the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness") His Master's Voice. Ovid's Ex Ponto II (iii) ("Virtue is its own reward") Roman law ("Ignorance of the law is no excuse") The Doctor on entering the labyrinth asks for a ball of twine

Goofs: Aeschylus is described as a "boy" but sounds too old!

Dialogue Triumphs: Guardian: "Might I suggest we commune with a higher intelligence?"

Doctor: "If you mean me, then I'm already here."

"Nice? Nice?? NICE??" (Hooray!!)

Dialogue Disasters: "Eradicate! Eradicate! Eradicate!"

"Dark fairy tales" "Grimm?" They don't have to be"

Double Entendres: "I do hate a long, drawn-out Trial"

Continuity: Serenity is in the benign union. The Doctor says by galactic history it is neither serene nor benign. The Doctor says the union holds "bad memories" for him. Serenity is the only planet of the union to survive (are the colonies on the same world?) Serenity has a moon (at least one) Serentiy has prospered for over a thousand years under the Elect. Elsewhere in the colonies people are claiming their voice. Guardians include a representative for the 'meres.' Currency is in Union credits

Legend says that without Prophecy there'd be storms and unrest. She projects a shield of goodness around the planet. Prophecy's power source is relayed by conduits through the planet, and a power labyrinth (a huge temporal circuit converting raw energy into temporal power) where currents of past, present and future combine and fracture. It powers Prophecy but also causes dimensional fracture and allows extra-dimensional creatures to emerge from the vortex. Three sacred amulets (computer decoders, or 'keys' and the Codex of Equilibrium are required to control the labyrinth's power grid. Vortex creatures are attracted to the being with the greatest psychic energy. Thieves caught in the vault by law are cast into the labyrinth.

Near-mythical, immortal and indestructible, Malador is legendary in Time Lord history too. A bogeyman, he is evil incarnate. Craving free will from the limitations of remorse and empathy, Malador had his conscience surgically removed. The Ancients locked him in a stasis field for all eternity.

Malador created the Melkurs - they are his eyes and ears on many worlds. The Melkurs are quasi-religious figures from the dawn of the Union, noted as guardians of the dead. Melkurs broadcast a 'song' that transmits across the cosmos in search of the essence of evil. Their psychic influence traps the TARDIS. Melkurs were rendered immobile by the nature of the union. The Doctor only knows of them by repute

The most famous safe-cracker in the galaxy, Autolycus Ebko stole the Cartesian Crown jewels and did an 'art gallery job' on Helligyn. He has a safe on Korista V. he escaped single-handedly from the mine prison of Elmiscar. Ebko saw a smaller energy sphere like Prophecy's on Deleda IV, while prophecy reminds him of the Belleron Sphere on Amataxi II. Robot sentinels can also be found on Montega Minor, which has spherical houses. Temporal distortion field. Ebko saw something like it on Caspiro Minor.

Peri knows what a necropolis is. She likens the look of the Melkurs to something by Gaudi. Peri mentions Vincent price horrors

The Doctor always wanted to meet Ebko, He likens the essence of evil to a psychic force. Negative feelings leave a psychic trace which can be manipulated.

The Bottom Line: "Be nice to each other"

The 1980s are all over this production, with the role-playing games and video aesthetics - and you can bet that Malador himself would be old-school shrivelled zombie in appearance as well. In all, Morris' adaptation is a fun and faithful journey down the Who of Colin Baker's TV era, even down to the interior locations and reused costumes. The Doctor is literally the smartest man in the room, and even better, Morris adds in some philosophy over the nature of evil as well, elevating Stephen Thorne's villain easily to the heights of Azal and Omega. It's no game-changer, but it's a great season opener, and is that rare thing, a sequel that doesn't need the first instalment to make sense of it all.

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