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'UNIT Dominion'

CD adventure released October 2012, 4 episodes

Writers: Jason Arnopp and Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs

Roots: Global disaster movies. Nick Briggs' then-recent fatherhood, presumably.

Intertextuality: Referencing the UNIT vaults could be a pointer towards the Companion Chronicle Tales from the Vault.

Goofs: How could Raine have not mentioned meeting the Master on the Tolean world until being imprisoned seemingly days after by UNIT?

Technobabble: Dimensional travel leaves a residue on those who perform it.

Fluffs: Sylvester McCoy - "They're not necessary hostile!"

Double Entendres: "I'm coming alongside yer!" "Really Sergeant - this is all so sudden!"

Dialogue Disasters: "Are people believing their eyes or do they think it's a hoax?" (John Starr is an excellent reporter!)

"Did you just lick my brain?"

"Lap it up, Geordie lad"

'Then...Raine will fall!'

Dialogue Triumphs: "Hello! Congratulations on escalating the situation oh, most efficiently!"

'You've missed some top notch ding dongs I can tell you!'

'He thought that you'd revert to type so he kept popping back from time to time to make sure you weren't invading Poland or committing genocide on the quiet...'

Continuity: The Dimensioneers were a powerful race of dimensional travellers, pioneers who dared to seek the ultimate balance of the powers of eternity. Something of a predecessor of the Time Lords (who they ultimately because, the Master offers), they have passed into Time Lord legend. The Time Lords conquered the Dimensioneers but resisted destroying everything of their technology and filed it instead on Tersurus in their vaults. within a time bubble outside normal existence. The Master steals Goth's TARDIS from here and still has it in this story. Interdimensional corridors are a dazzling bright green colour due to the energy vortex about them. There are gaps between dimensions, and the corridors traverse these - possibly they were created by the Dimensioneers themselves.

The Master says Dimensioners' dimensional nodes "make the Key to Time look like a mere trinket". A node activator requires a Time Lord mind slaved to it for control, but the Type 40 was the last TARDIS model to feature these activators. The Master "supersizes" the Toleans, shortening their life spans, but enlarging them to the size of a Routemaster bus. Their number under the Master grows to "billions and billions" with a gargantuan organics palace. Once enlarged, the Toleans are "hundreds" of times the size of a human, angry and resemble stag beetles. They are, naturally, impervious to bullets. They can fly. Their architecture is highly organic. The Master intends to call the transformed Tolean world "Dominion', the base of his inter-dimensional empire. He uses his Tissue Compression Eliminator, is bald and does not recognise Raine.

'Mind Leeches' appear in London (surprise!) and the Ukraine. Attack by them leaves one's eyes blank and erases the memory and psyche. They have four tendrils. They are, naturally, impervious to bullets.

The Excalibur building is not in Central London and has 27 floors with a dome at the top.

'Sky Heads' are eighty feet across can travel at several times the speed of sound by creating their own slipstream. All are male, and are related. Twenty Sky Heads reach London, with others reported in Helsinki, Lanpang, Poland and Omsk

'The Nexus' are a gestalt cephalopod creature with five to six different personalities, each possessing a separate head on one if its major tentacles. They usually eat space-molluscs which they atomise and digest, but they are also partial to dimensional travellers, too.

'Cubes' are silicon-based, crystalline cubic bio-mechanoid hybrid life forms held together with power matrices. They are one and a half feet cubed, can roll, jump, and fire energy bolts from any face. They are, naturally, impervious to bullets. Their insides are freezing cold with almost crystalline cerebral centres. They explode when exposed to rapid heat change.

'Lava Spiders' are about the size of a horse (around four metres across, presumably including their legs) and inject lava into their victims after cocooning them in lava-filled webbing to 'cook' the victim alive. A gland above their mandibles allow them to shoot lava as well.

UNIT High Command is in Geneva. UNIT 'code white' seems to be the highest rating, the equivalent of an immediate evacuation. It has "nothing like" the Cubes on its files. There is a UNIT base in Baden Jurtenberg, and the head of UNIT's Tokyo branch is General Nakotome. The password string for UNIT is "Yeti-Inferno-Zygon-Krynoid-Kraal". UNIT has records of the Brigadier working with three incarnations of the Doctor including one incident where two or three appeared together (presumably The Three Doctors.)

Klein is UNIT's scientific advisor and specialises in alien life forms, she knows a little of hypnosis. She employs a force field generator created by the Doctor (The Three Doctors) At the end of this story the Doctor gives Klein a Space-time telegraph. She made a few visits to Germany during her work life. Colonel Lafayette describes her in his notes as "disrespectful, stubborn and aloof." he met the Brigadier briefly but it was enough for him to make an impression her as he always does. Klein put in a request for an assistant many years ago which was summarily denied.

Raine says she has an instinct for reading people, doesn't like "cocky smart-arses" and is closely related to some.

Ace uses mental projection to transmit her thoughts through the dimensional barrier to the Doctor. As she uses this with Time Lord help, perhaps she's being taught by them?

There are parts of the TARDIS that are hidden even from the Doctor. In the years since their last meeting (at the close of The Architects of History) the Doctor has been checking on Klein from a distance, leading her to dream and dread a figure she calls 'the umbrella man."

Links: The Three Doctors, The Deadly Assassin, Terror of the Zygons (the Space-time telegraph.) The Doctor refers to the events of The Tenth Planet and The Caves of Androzani. Colditz and the Klein Trilogy, including Klein's Story (Klein says the German name Johann seemed very familiar) The Master mentions the Key to Time and as 'the Other Doctor' reminisces about the Axons, Autons and Sea Devils (all, naturally, allies of the Master during the Third Doctor's Earth exile.)

Location: Earth, 2012 including London (for a change), the Schwartzwald, Tokyo, Las Vegas

The Bottom Line: 'The Laws of Time...who needs them?'

Epic, long-reaching and as much squeezed into four discs as humanly possible - and that's just Sergeant Pete Wilson talking about his imminent state of fatherhood. UNIT Dominion is an audacious conceit surely threatened by the obvious limited availability of Sylvester McCoy, but rescued admirably by the twin talents of Tracey Childs and Alex McQueen, the latter chewing so much scenery you fear for the proscenium arch, too. In all, it's a fun, global UNIT epic with some choice mystery in the middle over the mysterious 'Other Doctor' and a will she/won't she dilemma in Klein's hidden past. The aliens are bonkers, the squaddies reliably disposable (except Teflon Pete, naturally), it's a shame Raine isn't given anything of great substance to do. You can't have 'em all, but in Dominion you definitely get an Event.


Finding a suitable placement (not to mention the timelines for the Doctor's companions and contemporaries) for UNIT: Dominion is tricky, and requires some out-of-story explanation. The simplest chronological placement is for the Doctor, this story being strictly post-Architects of History (his monitoring of Klein in UNIT being a matter of the story's foundations.) For Klein herself this story is her first encounter with any incarnation of the Doctor, the Time Lord's version of Klein having been erased from history. We assume that, given her memories of meeting the Brigadier and not knowing the Doctor's present form, Klein's tenure as UNIT's Scientific Advisor takes place somewhere around 1990, ending probably before or around the time of Battlefield (the late Nineties). For Raine the story becomes a little more complex, as (once again) outside the details provided in this story Nick Briggs suggests that Raine is travelling alone with the Doctor, and with Ace on Gallifrey the suggestion is that she is travelling with a future version of 'her' Seventh Doctor. As she is still inquisitive about Ace and apparently new to life with the Doctor it is likely that this story occurs for her between Animal and Earth Aid. The hardest character to find a timeline placement for is the Master, who is probably in a post-Survival (and presumably also post-Master) incarnation, but whose involvement in his own past on Tersurus complicates things. Nick Briggs in UNIT: Dominion's extras indicates that the Master's own placement is deliberately unclear, leaving the door open to future returns in this form, and we must therefore infer that at this stage in his life the Master has managed to cross his own timestream to secure Chancellor Goth's TARDIS and the secrets of the Time Lords' vaults.

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