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Dalek Empire I: The Human Factor

CD audio adventure released August 2001

Written and Directed by Nicholas Briggs

Roots: The main explosions on Guria are recycled from World War One footage. Tanlee is based on Major Dalby, boss of Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File (Alby himself is influenced by Palmer, according to Nick Briggs).

Intertextuality: For comments on the Garazone System, see 'Sword of Orion'

Dialogue Triumphs: 'Dissecting my humanity with mechanical precision.'

Technobabble: Structural defence barriers on the scout ship don't work without power.

Continuity: Six standard Earth months have passed since the events of the previous story. Suz has successfully implemented a shift system in the Dalek mines on Vega 6, giving the human slaves periods of rest and food, and giving them enough hope to go on living under Dalek rule. She has become known among them as the 'Angel of Mercy', due to her humanity and implicit salvation of the human slaves. Her work has saved the lives of millions. In response to this, the Daleks have sent her to the many worlds they have conquered to instill hope in the survivors (unless the Dalek Supreme is exaggerating, a thousand worlds are now subjects of the Dalek Empire).

The Dalek Supreme reports in person to the Dalek Emperor [it isn't stated where the Dalek Supreme normally resides - perhaps it travels via transmat?]. The Dalek advance has Guria is now on the edge of their territory. Guria is largely a water world, with oil drilling platforms in its seas. Before the Dalek invasion it was one of the Earth Empire's biggest fossil fuel suppliers.

The Daleks also have a base on Garazone Central, a former Earth colony (see: Links). Horses and dogs can be heard in its still functioning bazaar. Garazone's moon K-5000 contains atmosphere bubbles in which slaves work its mines.

The Reinsburg Institute is part of the Reinsburg Corporation, which had a contract with the Earth Alliance concerning 'Project Infinity'.

Alby came from a broken home in the slums of Proxima Major, after a 'bad education' he joined the army only to get in trouble in the army; He received a suspended sentence on the condition that he serve as an agent for Space Security. He believes Suz is the only person who's ever made him feel happy. He has, apparently, never heard of 'Project Infinity', although Pellan has. Alby loses his legs after a Dalek attack and receives bionic ones (it will take a while for him to get used to them). His scout ship now has a coffee machine. He can, apparently, fly anything, including a Dalek saucer. He and Pellan take hypersleep in 'hyperpods', which cannot be opened from within.

Using his telepathy Kalendorf has been spreading an order of rebellion among the slaves, one that will begin after a coded phrase is broadcast to them.

Links: 'Sword of Orion' (the Garazone System) 'The Evil of the Daleks' ('Do not make the disagreeable noise.')

Location: Vega 6, Garazone Central and Guria (in their respective systems), c4162.

The Bottom Line: 'They haven't exactly been enjoying the best of times under the Dalek rule, have they?'

A necessary progression in the story brings about inevitable changes - Alby reveals a hidden agenda, while Suz risks losing her humanity as she becomes the Angel of Mercy. As the universe of Dalek Empire gets bigger, the story becomes more personal - oddly then, it's Pellan and Kalendorf who come across as the more sympathetic characters. All the better for the shock ending of course.

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