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Dalek Empire I: "Death to the Daleks!"

CD audio adventure released October 2001

Written and Directed by Nicholas Briggs

Roots: James Bond (Alby gets a new ship with the latest equipment agents need). Star Wars ('You are our last hope.'). The Orearlisian voices recall a Not the Nine O'Clock News sketch featuring Rowan Atkinson as an alien invader with a faulty translator.

Dialogue Triumphs: Mirana to Alby Brooke, intergalactic man of mystery: 'Clever move. Using humour to deflate my murderous intent.'

Technobabble: The Orearlis Communication Relay platform is protected high intensity molecular disruptor fields.

Continuity: According to the narrator, 'years' pass during this story.

'Project Infinity' is based in the Lopra system under the watch of the alien Director Espeelius. It is, allegedly, the last hope humanity has for victory. Earth's forces also communicate via hyperlinks.

The Dalek Emperor resides in an Imperial Control Chamber. The next level of authority under the Dalek Supreme is the Dalek Supreme Controller, a red coloured individual [the CD jackets further explains their hierarchy].

During this story Jupiter and Saturn's orbiting bases fall; human forces on Mars are outnumbered 100 to 1, half of the Solar System is evacuated and the President of Earth has little choice but to surrender. Her last act before communication is lost is to place Space Security head Ernst Tanlee (Alby's superior) in charge of all surviving Earth forces. Tanlee wrote Alby's file - he says Alby works best under extreme pressure. According to Tanlee, the Daleks implanted a disc in Pellan's brain over a year ago, turning him into an advanced form of Roboman under their control. Pellan was responsible for the destruction of the Vega Free News ship as well as the sabotage operations on Guria so easily. Pellan's implant was detected by Earth Authorities as soon as he arrived on board the Vega Free News ship, his tracking of Alby was therefore known to them.

Kalendorf is the chief emissary to the Knights of Velyshaa. Alby's mission to find him was in order to negotiate an unofficial pact between Earth and its old enemies Velyshaa (although Kalendorf was apparently 'avoiding' him). The conditions were to be that the Knights would be able to rearm in exchange for their aid in fighting the Daleks, themselves old enemies of Velyshaa. Kalendorf, like others of his race, are not human [although they seemingly have an outward appearance of humanity].

Alby is tracked by Mirana, officer 274 of Earth's Interplanetary Police. Their uniforms feature a 'shiny red helmet'. One month earlier, after chasing his for four star systems Mirana tried to arrest Alby in a bar on Quelador for receiving stolen goods (in this case a purloined communications booster). There she was able to take a DNA sample from him. According to Mirana, Earth's government and that of the Aurelians have an extradition treaty.

Orearlisian may be an insectoid race as they Hive Leaders in positions of authority. Their justice system is ruthless and swift, apparently.

Carson's Planet is located on the frontier and had previously been occupied by Dalek forces. It is supposedly neutral and has a good bar, according to Alby (who may or may not be too fussy at this stage).

The inhabitants of the planet Celatron are brilliant technicians and previously held a reputation as the galaxy's technocrats before the Dalek invasion. Celatron is now 'deep in Dalek waters'.

The Seers of Yaldos are an ancient and legendary culture, purported to have the ability to bring the dead back to life. Suz heard of them a long time ago.

By the end of this episode all planets able to defend themselves against the Daleks are under Dalek control [whether this includes Gallifrey is unknown].

Location: The Orearlisian System, Carson's Planet, the Vega System [?], c4172 (see below).

The Bottom Line: 'What's he doing? Contemplating his metallic navel?'

The story really picks up in this episode, and starts to rocket along with interesting twists and developments. Mirana is fun as comic relief, although her status as a macguffin for Alby isn't hard to see. Assuredly, the Daleks and their Emperor are still several steps ahead of the heroes. This may well be the best episode of the four, adding a new angle to the major characters, and the ending is the strongest yet - turning the now routine first person narration completely on its head.

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