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Dalek Empire I: Project Infinity

CD audio adventure released December 2001

Written and Directed by Nicholas Briggs

Double Entendres: 'You've been rooting around inside my head, haven't you?'

Dialogue Triumphs: 'Hello, everyone, it's all over. Time to follow Alby Brooks' noble example and get drunk.'

Dialogue Disasters: 'The Emperor possesses the greatest mind in the universe!'

Continuity: A month has passed since the conclusion of the previous episode and the beginning of the slave revolution against the Daleks. Kalendorf has now been recruited into Earth's last desperate war effort. Solar days differ between systems.

Alby's drudger somehow receives a message from Suz, leading Alby (pursued by Kalendorf and Mirana) to a mountainside on Yaldos, where they meet the last of the Seers, the narrator of this story. The Seers of Yaldos are able to link minds with people who have been on the planet - this link existing for as long as the person linked to a Seer lives. Suz, knowing of them and her inevitable fate, bonded with the Seer, leading Alby to believe that she may not in fact be dead (her body wasn't found after her apparent extermination). Later Tanlee suggests she is in hibernation awaiting Robotisation.

Mirana's parents are from the Galsec Colony (see: Links). She has for some time been an unwitting Dalek agent, having been given a psychotropic link to the Dalek Emperor. Fortunately, neutralizing the link also enables Mirana's allies to track Dalek movements through her mind.

Tanlee is now also a Dalek agent [having been converted after his capture].

The Lopra system is on the opposite end of the galaxy from Seriphea. Project Infinity is based on Lopra Minor, a planet with jungles. Project Infinity was instigated 'centuries ago' at the close of the last Dalek War. Using 'quantum reality', its Infinity Scan probes temporal fissures to find other universes, particularly one in which the Daleks have been defeated. Then, using the knowledge of how this was done, humanity would be able to repeat the action in this universe. To the Dalek Emperor this is old news, having discovered the existence of Project infinity via the Kar-Charrat Library (see: Links). The Daleks themselves intend to use the Project to find the exact opposite - a universe where the Daleks are victorious (but, due to the damage inflicted upon the device, not where the Daleks are exactly the same. D'oh!). By increasing the power of Project Infinity with veganite, the Daleks will be able to open a gateway into the other universe and allow beings (in this case Daleks) to cross over.

In an alternate universe a peaceful and ordered Dalek race are the supreme beings, having earned their status by not waging war or destruction upon other species.

Links: 'The Mutant Phase' (the Dalek Emperor's psychotropic link), 'The Genocide Machine' (The Kar-Charrat Library again), 'The Sontaran Experiment' (the Galsec colony), 'Remembrance of the Daleks' (Special Weapon Daleks).

Location: Yaldos, Lopra Minor, c4172 (see below)

The Bottom Line: 'Try a pickled onion...'

Some inventive twists kick the story into the fastest moving, most surprising episode. Just when the Daleks are on their back 'foot', something dreadful happens. Just as the Daleks look about to win, something terrible happens. The action scenes on Lopra Minor are well handled, and the tone of dread at the 'conclusion' effectively conveyed. We await further developments with interest...

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