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Dalek Empire II: Dalek War Chapter One

CD audio adventure released January 2003

Written and Directed by Nicholas Briggs

Roots: Star Trek (Alternative Universe Daleks are hive-like with an overall Queen), Aliens (waking up from cryo-sleep and being bombarded with exposition).

Goofs: Mass is not measured in cubic kilometres.

Double Entendres: 'We knew they weren't going to give it up without a fight.'

'They are still giving the enemy Daleks a good pounding.'

'I think you've done it.'

Dialogue Disasters: 'I feel more like breakfast actually.'

Continuity: Once the Alternative Universe Daleks (AU-Daleks) entered the universe, they joined forces with the humans against the Daleks. However, the AU-Daleks enforced peace with the same ruthlessness the Daleks use (the planets they subjugate are called Punished Planets, one of which is Emeron which got reduced from high-tech to near stone age). The humans, under command of Kalendorf, are now continuing to help the AU-Daleks, but are also developing their own plans to attack back.

The Daleks are being repelled by the combined force, but a few raiding parties (considered not a real threat) survive in outlying areas.

The leader of the AU-Daleks is called the Mentor (who has a female voice). The Mentor has declared all humans enslaved by the Daleks to be a risk and beyond saving, and plans to have them all jettisoned into a collapsing star.

Some ships in the AU-Dalek/Human force are AU-Dalek drones under a human sector commander. If the human dies, they lose all initiative.

Susan Mendez was only stunned, then transported by the Daleks, and was kept by them for conversion. When the AU-Daleks first attacked, the Emperor Dalek placed its mind into Susan Mendez's body for unknown reasons. Kalendorf instigated a plan to retrieve her.

In the future (from the point of view of the events of Dalek War) computers can reconstruct peoples memories into images.

Location: Earth System, deep space, Picowik system, 5 years after Dalek Empire.

Links: Lots of recapping of Dalek Empire.

Bottom Line: 'Will you let me explain from the beginning?'

A lot of this episode is recapping Dalek Empire and setting up the new rules of Dalek War. Once again, we have jumped 6 years into the future with only a brief description of what happened inbetween. This has the benefit of going straight to an interesting point in the story, but the downside is that we don't really get a satisfactory conclusion to the exciting cliff hanger Dalek Empire ended on.

What we do get has potential in that we have Daleks vs. Daleks vs. Humans, but with so much given over to backstory exposition, we haven't really had a proper story yet!

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