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Dalek Empire II: Dalek War Chapter Three

CD audio adventure released March 2003

Written and Directed by Nicholas Briggs

Double Entendres: 'You will come with us!'

'Do it, but do it fast for all our sakes.'

Dialogue Triumphs: 'If you see an ugly bug, you have my express permission to blow its nuts off.'

'Never trust a man of noble birth. They'll sell you all down the river just for the sake of honour.'

'That's the way the Mentor wants us all to be one day. Simple, obedient and murderous on cue. Is that what you want to be like?'

Continuity: The Varga plant was created by the Daleks for defense. The ones on Jupiter were modified so that the infected people would develop a pack mentality.

The hospital space station was used by the AU-Daleks to develop methods of brain 'correction' (their version of Robotisation). People that don't obey the AU-Daleks are 'neutralized'.

Kalendorf becomes known as 'The Dark One' and 'The Bringer of Death' in the future.

Location: Earth System, deep space, Same time as Dalek War I.

Links: 'Mission to the Unknown'/'The Daleks' Master Plan' (Varga plants), Dalek Empire, Dalek War I-II.

Bottom Line: 'I'm sorry there isn't better time for a better reunion now.'

It's nice to see some TV continuity with the vicious Varga plants.

Finally the real reunion we've been waiting the whole Dalek War (and Dalek Empire come to that) for, Alby and Susan back together. (It's quite a soap opera in its own way.) Also Susan and Kalendorf. A chance for quiet moments together and it's really nice to see how these characters get on after all they've been through.

This is also an episode of revelations as the truth comes out about Kalendorf and the real plans. Everything is set up for an epic last episode...

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