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Dalek Empire II: Dalek War Chapter Four

CD audio adventure released April 2003

Written and Directed by Nicholas Briggs

Roots: 'The Ballad of Halo Jones' (story being continued by a future archaeologist/historian).

Double Entendres: 'You want to touch it, don't you.'

Dialogue Triumphs: 'I fear nothing. The Daleks have no fear. We are the superior race. It is our destiny to conquer you.'

'Victory or death!'

Continuity: The Knights of Valesha have a legend about the greatest Knight, Sancroff. He feared being betrayed and implanted a mind command in everyone who pledged loyalty to him. This was so if they did betray him, he could activate the command 'Victory or Death' (which was the name of the pledge they took) and cause the betrayer to kill all their fellow betrayers and then themselves. Satiritius was the one person who betrayed him. The Knights believe in strength of purpose over all else.

The war with the AU Daleks ended when the Mentor found that she couldn't win, everything would just end in destruction.

The destruction of the Daleks after the Emperor/Susan died came to be known as The Great Catastrophy.

Tales of the Dalek War have been handed down over the years in various cultures. There are no telepaths left in the known galaxy. The Council of the Galatic Union is the ruling body. The location of Earth isn't common knowledge.

Location: Earth System, deep space, Lopra Minor, about three years later. And Valesha 2500 years later.

Links: Dalek Empire, Dalek War I-III, The Sirens of Time (Sancroff).

Bottom Line: 'What do you think will happen next?'

Remember that comment about the epic last episode? Well, we're still waiting...

The Mentor just accepts she can't win and so leaves? Eh? What's the deal with that?

As it's the last episode, time for people to die, in come cases more gloriously for some people that others. The final defeats do seem a little too easy though (aside from the Mentor, Kalendorf just strolls in and, essentially, denotes a bomb).

Although, as ever with the Daleks, nothing is ever truly final...

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