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It's a show with a long and varied history, the work of many many people, and a show with a tradition of occasionally dodgy production values. It's... no, not Star Trek, Doctor Who!

Back in the mid 1990s, the original DisContinuity Guide was published, re-examining the classic and not-so-classic Doctor Who in ways never before imagined by the likes of mortal fandom and still stands up today as a book that's interesting and, dare we say it, fun. Alas, it is now long out-of-print, though pieces of it have been reproduced on the BBC's official site.

Of course, since it covered only the television series, it missed out a few things we thought were important, such as Slipback. Also given the inherent limitations of the papery form it took, it was not able to update itself to cover more recent events, such as the TV movie, nor the excellent Big Finish audios. To lend a helping hand, we humbly decided up to fill in the gaps...

"We" being (currently) three New Zealanders of mild ill repute and occasional infamy. We are Alden Bates (Upper Hutt), Jon Preddle (Hamilton), and Jeff Stone (Wanganui). We owe a great debt to our previous team members, Peter Adamson and Jamas Enright.

Since The DisContinuity Guide is out of print, you might want to check our glossary to see we're rambling about...

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your stay!

Alden, Jon and Jeff - the DiscCon Team

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