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DWU6 'Exile'

CD Audio Adventure released October 2003, one episode

Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs

Roots: The Strangerers, the two Time Lords apparently resemble Starsky and Hutch in their 1970's Earth disguises. The various aliases the previous Doctor attributes to the Master (Roger, Peter, Geoffrey, Tony, Eric, etc) are the names of the actors who have played the part on TV (but while Sam is probably a nod to 'Sam Kisgart' from 'Sympathy for the Devil', who are Gerald and Robert?) Hammy the Hampster and His Adventures on the River Bank. Cheese has The X Files on DVD. The Monty Python Cheese shop sketch.

Intertextuality: The Doctor's utility belt and the Time Lords using scarecrows to capture the Doctor appeared in the TV Comic story "The Night Walkers". Other encounters with the Quarks also took place in the TV Comics.

Goofs: The War Lords' planet was placed in a force field, not dematerialised.

Fluffs: The Doctor claims that Bob doesn't want to be "crowned" by the Time Lords.

Technobabble: The Time Lords use an etheric beam projector to take over the television signals. There is a Time Vector Coordinator on Gallifrey.

Dialogue Disasters: Anything that involves a character vomiting or belching 'on screen'.

'...a bear's done a big poo in my mouth.'

Dialogue Triumphs: 'I hate trolleys! They're just Daleks without the interesting bits.'

'Pay no heed to the one known as "Cheese". He may be a Quark spy.'

'Looks like a bloke in a rubber mask.' 'They take many forms. Some of them look like that.'

Double Entendres: *straining noise* 'any luck?' 'Won't budge'

The pub is called The Old Fellers.

'Do you want me to help you into bed?'

Continuity: What if... the Doctor had escaped the justice of the Time Lords?

The Time Lords are in the habit of dematerialising their enemies, which causes them not to have existed. Time Vector Coordinators appear to deal with organising excursions to other worlds and time zones. When a Time Lord commits suicide and regenerates, they change sex, which is considered the worst offence by the Time Lords. Chameli-oid Robots were previously employed by the Time Lords, and although previously decommissioned, were reactivated due to staffing shortages. They take on the appearance of scarecrows and sound rather Dalek-like.

The Doctor assumes the name "Susan Foreman" for the purposes of disguise while on Earth, and uses Susan's NI number WHYDGN77P. She doesn't know who Princess Anne is. She works pushing trolleys at Sainsbury's and is friends with Cherry and Cheese, who are unaware she's from another planet. She drinks beer but doesn't appear to handle it very well. She's never had vodka before. She knows of a planet with an excellent health care system. The previous Doctor appears to her in visions to dispense advice, but usually to berate her. She still has the sonic screwdriver and practices Venusian Aikido. The Doctor has defeated the Quarks, who have atomic blasters and have trouble with stairs, many times. She is over 700 years old. At the end of this adventure she dematerialises.

There are a number of alien species who want to invade Earth. When the two Time Lords try to locate the TARDIS, their initial search leads them to police boxes at Earl's Court, Pinewood Studios, Longleat and a couple of museums.

Links: 'The War Games', 'Logopolis', 'The Dalek Invasion of Earth' (in 2164), 'An Unearthly Child' (Coal Hill School in 1963), 'The Wheel in Space'(time vector generator and thought channels), 'The Masque of Mandragora' (the boot cupboard), 'The Deadly Assassin' (CIA), Daleks, Theta Sigma, time rings and Ogrons are name-checked.

Location: Gallifrey; London, England 2000AD

Untelevised Adventures: The Doctor has encountered the Quarks on numerous occasions, and then regenerated after throwing himself off a pylon.

The Bottom Line: 'Oh shit!'

Arguably one of the better in the experimental Unbound series, Arabella Weir (an initial cry of 'who?' from us here in New Zealand) is a perfect choice for this highly comedic script. We are a bit concerned though that while Nick Briggs not only wrote, directed and featured in the play, but having his mug staring out on the CD cover as well is overkill..? Oh, and the word 'shit' is said five times!

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