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I love the editor which comes with DOS. I really do. I used to use it to edit HTML, but there were a few things about it I didn't like. So I created a Windows program with more or less the same interface. The default colours and font are all like the DOS one.

Now available: Version 2.22

Check out the YIKES homepage.


My webcam software, in which I incorporated some features I couldn't find in any other webcam software, such as the ability to set and upload offline images.

Click here to get WHIP - webcam software v1.0 (364KB)


This replaces WhoAlarm, which was outdated anyway as Doctor Who hasn't started on Prime at 6:30 for quite some time...

TV Alarm is a clock which sits on your screen and which you can set up to sound an alarm whenever your favourite shows are on. Avoid unnecessary angst as a result of TV show missage!

Download it here

Bill Gates Eyes

I noticed there was an application for Linux that stuck the Linux penguin on your desktop, and it had eyes which would follow your cursor around.

Here's something for Windows users everywhere... (199KB) Right click to close the window when you've done.

Current Versions
Yikes: 2.22
WHIP: 1.0
TV Alarm: 1.01
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Screen Shots
Yikes version 2.22 released! (finally!)
Yikes version 2.21 released!
Yikes version 2.20 released!

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