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What is Yikes

YIKES stands for "Yes, I Kan Edit Stuff." It was designed and built by Alden Bates.

The original YIKES was written to emulate the Editor which came with DOS and was expanded and added to as I felt necessary, and was also inflicted on an unsuspecting net population. As it continued to grow, I felt that the design was being stretched too far, so I decided to develop YIKES 2, with the purpose of including all the additions in the original design, and making the interface a little closer to Windows standard.

YIKES can edit text files and (to some degree) raw binary files, though it's primarily for text files. I have tried to keep it as close functionally to the DOS editor as possible, although in some cases this wasn't easy.

Download Yikes 2

The current version of Yikes is 2.22.

Download plain and simple zip version. Unzip it into a directory and set everything else up yourself! (556k)

Download easy self-installer version. Unzip the zip file, then start setup.exe! (1.17MB)

View the current readme file and the history of changes.

Screen shots

Version 2 final release - showing the General page of the settings dialog
Late beta version - New code, new look


Donations are non-compulsory. Yikes is free.


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