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Pirates Round Robin

Chapter 8 - Visions Remembered

By Melissa White

No sooner had Chris gotten his rifle at arms level when it was smacked out of his grasp by a set of incredibly wicked claws. His world condensed into a fog of pain that pulsed to the rhythm of the Crystal in his breast pocket. He was only vaguely aware of Rakaar screaming something or other, the creature growling, and someone pulling him one way. His eyes focused on the figure who had a firm grasp on the arm that wasnt pulsing with pain. She had an incredibly tight grasp for one so small.

Then he heard a voice that he will never forget as long as he breathed any atmosphere. "Another fine mess I have to pull you out of, Cwej."

"R.rroz?" Chris stuttered.

"Yeah, who did you expect? Probably aren't a lot of people who would come out here to save your scrawny hide," Roz said in her usual cynical manner.

"Bbbut, the Doctor, he, um, told me..."

Roz let out a short laugh. "And I thought I had taught you about this innocent hang up you seem to have."

"Is it really you?"

"Of course it's me, Cwej. I don't think anyone else would be in the goddess forsaken place to keep that gorgeous hide of yours intact," Roz said as she hefted a massive arm about her neck.

"I know you're tired and shaky but you're going to have to walk cuz I can't carry you, you big lunk," Chris worked his way back to his feet and realized he was hearing a different voice. Roz would never.. or did, call him that. How did Benny get here?

"Benny." He blinked, trying to clear his head. His arm was beginning to throb.

"Heard from Jason lately?".


Benny shrugged. "Not that I care one way or the other."

Chris knew that was not true. He knew good and well Benny and Jason still cared about each other, even if the both of them were both going to be stubborn and never admit it. "Where are we going?," he asked after a few minutes.

"Oh, we'll see when we get there," answered a voice that was no longer Benny and no longer female.


You sound surprised, Young Cwej,"

"Well it's.. it's just..."

"Yes, yes I know I can't possibly be here because some law of some theory says it's impossible," the Doctor said testily.

"Well, yeah."

"Haven't you learned by now that I defy all laws?" the Doctor wanted to know.

Chris pondered this for a while, along with the fact that he felt as if he were floating. After a few minutes of silence the Doctor asked, "You ever wonder why we are where we end up?"


"You should"

"Where are we going?

"Beyond the trees, around the lake, Where no on sees, then none can take." The Doctor answered cryptically. Chris had no idea how, but he actually understood. His head began to clear from the pain induced haze and he realized that he was now in a cave that was filled with a softly glowing light.

"You're safe now, Chris," said a new voice, as he felt himself being coaxed to lie down on the soft ground.

"Thanks, Mom."

"Shhhh, now. Sleep now, Sweetheart, the world wakes up soon," his mother said softly as she gently stroked his forehead.

"Yes mom," he answered quite willingly to succumb to sleep. His last conscious thought concerned the hum of crystal.

Glitz held his breath as the gun was lowered to the level of his eyes. "This really isn't necessary is it?" he gulped. He really was never one for pleading or groveling but this situation looked as if it were going to call a large amount of both.

"You irritate me, Glitz," the Leader said with a sigh of annoyance.

"Thank you. I do my best."

There was the distinct sound of a gun being cocked. Glitz visibly flinched.

"So tell me, Glitz. How much to do you value your life,"

"Enough so that I really prefer you didnt have your minion here shoot me."

The leaders evil chuckle echoed through the bridge. "Go fish," he said, as he nodded to his minion who fingered the trigger.

"Sir, we have the crystal cave," said a nondescript soldier.

"Very good. You see, Glitz, we found what we came for,"

"That's nice."

"Very. What are you waiting for?" The leader asked the triggerman.

Rakaar watched the creature. He watched the creature swipe at Chris. He watched blood fall from Chris arm. He watched Chris leave. He saw the creature leave. He screamed.

Ssele stared. "I think we should return and inform Melanie," she said calmly.

Rakaar screamed and ran back into what was left of the ship. "CAPTAAAAIIN!!!" he shouted running about.

"Is wrong is wrong???" Grinker demanded to know.

"He's gone! the monster... he.. where's Mel??"

"Red curly top pretend move ..."

"Skip all that, slime ball where is she?"

"Is in command center."

Rakaar brushed past Grinker and another couple sloathes and took off in the general direction of what used to be the command center of the Nosferatu 2. Every sloathe, and every pakhar he passed, joined him as he made his way to Mel.

Mel hearing the commotion approaching was anxiously waiting. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"Monster!... Chris!!!! ... ARRGGHHH!!"

"Is Argggghhh!!!" Grinker repeated.

Ssele stepped forward. "Chris has disappeared."

"What??" Mel gasped. "Where did he go? Is he OK?"

"I do not know," Ssele replied. "Some creature attacked him and he simply just walked away."

"Walked away?" Mel wanted to know. Ssele just nodded. "Well we need to find him." Mel said with determination. She came here with a crew, and she was going to return with every last one of them, as well as the ship they had come in. "We should go out in teams. See what you can find."

"I might be able to help you a bit," said a tired voice from the skeleton of the door said.

"Are you all right, Thella?" Mel asked, her voice filled with concern.

"I can be. I can take you to Chris."


"I dont know. " Thella replied. "I just know where we need to go. He's waiting for us."


"Only he doesn't know it."

"I'm a bit confused here," Mel said with pursed lips.

"All that is important is we find Mr. Cwej," Thella said definitively.

"How many people should we take?" Mel wanted to know.

Before anyone could answer, Eltave ran into the what was left of the command center, panting and looking quite piqued. "Is here is you," Eltave squeaked. Thella raised an eyebrow. "Is not good for to be up strait, is need to be flat along floor on squishy thing."

"Silence. While I thank you for your kind medical care, it is no longer needed. We must find Mr. Cwej."

Eltave looked like he was going to protest, but no words came out. He really didnt have a reply, and besides, Thella was scaring him.

Thella returned to Mel and answered her question. "We dont need separate teams. Just choose some of your best people and I can lead you to where he is. "Although the situation was becoming more and more tense, Thella's voice remained at a steady level.

Mel scanned her crew which consisted of a hodge podge of sloathes and pakhars and a few other species here and there. "Grinker, Ssele, Cyndar, Ellington, and Wontan, Mel appointed. "Rakaar, you are in charge.

"Nothing better to do," he replied with what Mel guessed to be a smile.

Mel smiled in return. The next thing she had to say would not be easy. "If we don't return, you must get the crew home."

"I will, my Captain," Rakaar replied with an equal amount of seriousness and dedication. "W4 will of course await your return with the wayward Mr. Cwej."

"Right." Mel said with a nod and a smile of assurance. "Well be back in no time."

Mel could barely see past the group of people gathered about her as they made their way through the mist to where ever Thella was leading them. Grinker was in the front, holding up a piece of metal he had located, and looking every which way to insure the safety of the team with Cyndar right beside him. . Mel, Thella and Sselle were right behind him with the two Pakhars, Ellington and Wonton, chittering silently to themselves, bringing up the rear.

"Where is it that we're exactly going?" Mel inquired of Thella.

"Beyond the trees around the lake, Where none can see, then none can take," blue skinned, white haired woman answered cryptically.

Mel pursed her lips. "But what is that supposed to mean," she wanted to know.

"It is where Chris is waiting."

"But where is it?"

"Where we are going."

Mel gave up. It was obvious she was not going to get a straight answer from the scientist who was an utter enigma with out the poetry. She just wished she knew what they were heading for and whether or not Chris was safe. She was lost in her thought that she did not notice that Grinker in front of her had stopped and therefore she ran into him. "What's the matter?"

"Is noise. Is something. Will protect Captain red curly pretend move hominid."

Mel as well as the rest of the team, slung their rifles from their backs, prepared to protect themselves if necessary. A croaking sound filled the startled silences, followed by a slight rustling. Relief went through the team as they lowered their weapons. Well, almost the entire team.

"IS ARGGHHH!!!! IS ACCCKKKK!!!! I going to drain life juices from everyone!! Is flee is run is goooooo!!"

Cyndar morphed his apendage into big flat surface and spread it over Grinkars face. The parrot squawked in protest "Is cease the ear straining ruckus. Is not proper pirate to be ear straining at little jumpy green warty things."

"Oh. Is real pirate and is protecting captain curly red pretend move hominid." Grinker said as he regained his composure.

"Are you all right, Grinker?"

"Is A-1 O.K."

"Good. Then let's continue. The sooner we find Chris, the closer we are to getting out of here."

"I believe that where we are looking for is right behind that stump." Thella announced. "There should be a cave."

"A cave? Is that wise?" Mel wanted to know.

"It is the safest place on the planet."

"How do you know?"

"I just do."

Mel decided to just let it drop. At the moment, Thella was the only clue to Chris' whereabouts that they had and so far, everything was proceeding smoothly. As they neared the stump Thella had mentioned, a faint humming sound could be heard. All instinct said that she should be panicking at the point, but Mel found herself being oddly comforted by the sound. Everyone was speeding up ever so slightly. The welcoming pull of the cave was intense. Mel caught her breath as she was bathed in the soft glow.

"Where's it coming from?" Ssele wanted to know.

"The Crystal Colony," Thella answered. "They're welcoming us into their sanctuary."

"Colony? Sanctuary?" Mel stuttered. For the most part, everyone was just looking around at all. Even the usually rambunctious sloathes were being calm.

Thella nodded but said nothing more concerning the matter. She simply pointed to a lead way to another section of the cavern. "He's in there."

Mel nodded and walked quietly into the adjoining cavern. The crystals were glowing, but not as brightly as in the larger cavern. In the center of the cavern was what looked like a pile of hay or leaves and a large man curled on top of said hay. Mel quietly walked up to him and squatted down beside him. He looked so innocent and childlike in his sleep. She noticed that his arm was securely bandaged, he must have been injured. Who inhabited this place? Who had taken care of him? She loathed to wake him, but there was little time. "Chris," She said as she shook him slightly, careful not to disrupt the injury. "Chris?"

The blond man slowly opened his eyes, and tried to get focused. "Where's my mom?" he said, his voice still laden with sleep.


"My mom, she was here," Chris said as he struggled into a sitting position.

"Chris, theres no one here but," Mel began but was interrupted by Chris continuing protests.

"She was. And so was Benny, the Doctor, and Roz." Chris frowned. That did not sound right.

"Chris, Roz is..."

"I know, but she was here!" Chris put his head in his hands in an effort to sort out his still sleeping mind.

Mel put a comforting hand on his back and felt the heat his body was giving off. "Chris, I think you are a bit fevered, which might explain things," she said, trying to calm him. Of course, a fever was still not going to explain how he had gotten here or who had taken care of him.

"I did see them," he said softly.

"Does your arm hurt?"

Chris shook his head and then reached for the crystal in his pocket. "how are you doing there, girl?" he asked the crystal who hummed contentedly. The hum blended with that of its surroundings.

"She likes you." A voice said from the entrance of the small cavern.

"Thella??" Chris asked in a surprised voice.


"Do you know how he got here?" Mel wanted to know.

"They brought him."

"Who?" Mel and Chris asked in unison.

"The Crystal colony." Thella replied, ignoring the perplexed looks Chris and Mel were regarding her with. "They protected Chris and brought him to safety. They had to use people whom you trust, who have taken care of you."

"That would be Roz," Chris said with a faint sad smile.

"They wanted to take care of you..

"Why me?"

"Because they like you. Your heart is pure. And they know there's danger and you are noble and will help."

"Thats a big assumption," Chris said with little enthusiasm. How could he not help these wonderful crystals who were evidently sentient and capable of love, which he had already guessed.

"How do you know all this?" Mel wondered.

"Because I am their Mother."

Part 9

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