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'Blood of the Daleks'

First broadcast 31st December 2006 - 7th January 2007. 2 episodes

Writer: Steve Lyons
Director: Nicholas Briggs


Roots: Threads and other post-nuclear holocaust dramas. Lucie referes to the Doctor as 'Casanova', which may be a nod to the then incumbent Doctor's previous starring role. The Doctor paraphrases Satanyana's Law of Repetitive Consequences ("those who forget the past are doomed [to repeat it].") As an embodiment of your-actual conspiracy theorist Cardwell wears a tinfoil hat.

Double Entendres: "I've got to fire up my connection, got to see what they're saying on the message boards about this"

Technobabble: Ionotronic dust is the result of the explosion of an ion engine.

Continuity: The planet Red Rocket Rising is a human colony with two suns, a breathable atmosphere (although there is higher than normal level of nitrous oxide) gravity near 'Earth normal'. Its unit of currency was the credit, and traditional funeral rites (including flowers for the deceased) continued to be observed. Much of the population was largely destroyed by an asteroid strike which the Doctor deduces likely hit the far side of the world (leaving the structures on the opposite side largely undamaged), causing catastrophic earthquakes and tidal waves which killed its population instantly, leaving the surviving population on 'their' side to suffer through an impact winter caused by dust from the asteroid debris, followed by a likely ultraviolet spring. Precipitation reacting with nitrous oxide in the dust cloud produces a form of (nitric) acid rain. The exodus ships (which were destroyed by the Daleks after leaving the planet's orbit) were old stock, using ion drives. The survivors have remained largely through living underground - the settlement the Doctor and Lucie visits include a subway, the remains of the Zantech Laboratory and an education centre. The colony's archives contain records of the Daleks and their reputation (although the population have remained oblivious or since forgot the Daleks). The planet had artificial satellites.

The Daleks are led by a Dalek Supreme and can fly in this story. Their main force is deployed in sector Alpha Z Gamma 9.Their saucer is battle-scarred, although they do not reveal who they have been warring with. It uses (noiseless) anti-gravity propulsion and a neutronic power source. Metallic dust in the planet's atmosphere (actually asteroid debris and ionic particles of the doomed exodus ships) interferes with their sensors. The Dalek spaceship is powered by 'neutronic power'

Lucie Miller (she likely has middle names but refuses to reveal them) is nineteen years old and comes from Blackpool, 2006. She claims she was "whisked away" from Earth by the Time Lords on her first day of work in her new job, having seen "something" she isn't able to describe or recognise. The Time lords have employed perception inhibitors to prevent her remembering anything, and have placed her in the Doctor's company as a sort of "witness protection programme".

Prior to this adventure the Doctor has been travelling alone. His body temperature is fifteen degrees Celsius (although this is below normal due to the cold). He knows how to program Dalek guidance systems. His sonic screwdriver can track broadcast signals. The Time Lords have established a temporal barrier around Northern England, 2006, to prevent the Doctor from returning Lucie to her own time and place (they also prevent him from leaving her on Red Rocket Rising by overriding the TARDIS controls).

The 'Headhunter' is hired by a Mr Hulbert to recover Lucie. She uses a standard 'ringing' telephone and a canary can be heard in the background.

Links: The Dalek Supreme, the Doctor mentions Dalek wars with the Mechanoids [The Chase, The Juggernauts] and the Movellans [Destiny of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks] and 'themselves' [the Eighties Dalek stories]; 'Dalek' ("Elevate!"). He implies that he wishes to wipe out Martez's Daleks because the last time he had such an opportunity, he made a terrible mistake (Genesis of the Daleks). Klint's last transmission appears to refer to human-like rescuers from the planet Tel[os?] (Tomb of the Cybermen). The identity of Mr Hulbert is revealed in 'Human Resources'.

Location: Red Rocket Rising, "centuries" after the Daleks were created.

Future History: Red Rocket Rising's technology is slightly out of date - Solar-powered cars are used (though presumably of little real help during a nuclear winter) as well as fission-cell batteries (which elsewhere have largely been abandoned due to their volatility).

The Bottom Line: "They get quite worked up about you, don't they?"

Steve Lyons revisits some aspects of his Missing Adventure Killing Ground, with Daleks filling in for Cybermen, and it's not a bad start. The continuity is slight - a good thing to encourage new listeners, and the Doctor and Lucie's prickly relationship is a welcome shake-up in TARDSIS dynamics.

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